[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


Changed a bit from previous version


For MP, this would be great, but I’m happy with those ingame movies providen with Black Mesa itself for the SP part of it


Awesome stuff Blood, but there’s ooooone thing left to fix, get rid of the hyphen :stuck_out_tongue:


What font are you using?
Can you squish it a bit more, make the typeface bolder, increase the spacing and move the big text up? The big text is also fucking huge now - it should be no bigger then 2 times as big as small one

Right now the big text is cramping up space. Look at original - it was less pronounced and more washed out.


I actually took the logo straight from the BM website header, no font.

Most of what I changed was based on loading up the WON version and looking at it then going back in and changing things about the animation, I didn’t realize the really big text size when I made it show the same amount of letters as the original game (probably also because this is a widescreen resolution so I have to make it bigger then if it were a 4 : 3 res like the original) So I’ll fix that when I get a chance to work on it again.

So how would I make this into a usable source texture? Am I right in assuming it hasn’t changed much from Quake, and I have to export each frame as an individual file then name them accordingly so it animates? Or is that way off.


Use Rad tools


Convert your video of the animation to a TGA file.

Once it is a tga file use VTF edit (try 1280 x 1280 edit could be to the power of 2??? you need to check!!! 32 bit pixels)


Check below about creating your tga file into texture


Once you have made your animated texture check what commands you need to add to the relevant config to display the texture as a background image


Hope this helps and great work bloodshot :slight_smile:


This guy got it almost right:


Bloodshot, Ronster I just did it and it works. The problem is in the weird aspect ratio of the last posted gif.


Theres this tutorial as well bloodshot good luck


you want it to be a much higher resolution though than in this tut either 1280 x 1280 or 1600 x 1600??

perhaps the base resolution needs to be a certain size of the gif??


The only 2 possible resolutions are 1024x1024 and 512x512.
There’s pretty much no choise


oh that means you may have to use vtex in sdk which is more complicated

yeah should lose the “-” in betwenn black and mesa


I just did a 5 framed test in VTFEdit. Worked just fine


ok well it works like this… Need to find out how the engine displays 1024 x 1024 as a backgroubd texture… It might actually look better lower res if you are going for retro look anyway :slight_smile:

There must also be a way to edit the HL2 Menu Fonts and create thise orange highlight trails as you float over the text…


Bloodshot long story short: as I understand, the highest background texture resolution you can get ingame is 1024x1024. So it would be best for you to release the GIF at at least 1280x720 (or 1920x1200)


You even have the movement delay spot on! This is so close to perfection I can’t stand it.


OK just found this tutorial on the text fonts effects and layout


The cstrike example video was in 1024 x 1024 but he added blur to it to hide loss of definition. If it looks crap like this then somone will have to get the vtex manual out


This is how it looks at this stage (last gif posted by Bloodshot, deleted title, original menu layout). Note that the lambda is not round



change your resolution to see if it makes a difference…

It’s cutting the image at the top… or use the 4 by 3 aspect ratio 1024 x 768 version?

It may resize 4 by 3 but not 16 by 9???

needs to look like this… and this is 4 by 3


perhaps if we can get the “gfx” from HL2 leaked alpha we can modify that for the won menu



So basically cropped up the way spacing and font should look like:

Technically, it’s just arial bold and lambda logo. Still cannot get the glowing apparition type of effect right.


and get the dash out of there!