[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


Awesome shit. Can’t bloody wait for this to be done.


No, it looks cool as fuck.
Made this quickly in AAE.


How do you make a gif play like that? Mine seem to play much slower then what they do when I edit them.


I make a lossless video (.mov, “animation” preset) in AAE, then import it into photoshop, then 'save for web and devices".
P.S. I think I know how they created that ghostly glow with the hot core. I’ll try it tomorrow, my AAE doesn’t want to launch for some reason.


Just a suggestion but if you want to keep the dash i understand but for a slight twist on the original… make it a crow bar?


ODB, could ya try resizing it to 1024x1024 if that’s possible? I’d love to test it as a background.


Why? It will look like shit.

perhaps later today.
Although, why the fuck would you test it?
It will look exactly that: a .gif with a bunch of boring menu letters.

We’ve established that it works already


fair play…

Check the example vid again even though it works it cut the image at the top… Hence the base template animation may need resizing… Just an observation

also when making the texture a 1024 x 1024 by the power of 2 32 pixels just double checking settings…


yeah i saw


Ronster, it will be all right if somebody will make two animations. One at 1280x1024 and another at 1280x720.
Though it will look shitty at this resolution


Just for fun how about this as a loading screen concept… I did it 1024 x 1024 probably should have done it 1280 x 1024 anyway it’sw another idea…


btw those sorts of resolution look great on my PC

yes I am crap at art somone else should come up with a load screen or improve this

comparison image

looking at this again I should have used the blank canvas blood posted :frowning:


what is this 1:1 square screen how do i get

You realise the background can be cropped into bits right?


Yeah that guy has made tiles out of TGA files… But that is like a lot more complicated than it has to be…and you want to animate the background so just make the texture the correct size and the engine will resize the texture.


And fuck up the aspect ratio.
I’d say once the design is finalized, we should take time to prepare tiles


well the way that guy set them up you need to put the correct background tiles to suit your resolution… and would have to install seperate tiles if you decided to change your resolution so that it looks correct If you go for the animated texture then you only need widescreen and 4 by 3

and theres alot of coding involved with the tga’s it would seem and their positions but do It that way if you want


Gonna keep the original vids for the single player, but definately gonna use this stuff for the Multiplayer


OMG I just resized the wrong one :frowning:

Ok resized the right one

1 at 1280 x 1024 and 1 at 1280 x 720



ODB, I want to test it to see if I can tweak the GUI settings to compliment the background and see how it looks.


Is there any chance somone can put the animation on top of the background that i resized to make the texture and upload it hopefully now it wont cut…

I would like to have a go at the gui menu text alterations too


And, personally, the Half-life 2 menu is a little cooler. More detail goes into it. It’s much more interesting. A Half-Life remake menu would only be good for nostalgia.