[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


Needs more blur and a little bit of noise

I like how some of the “big” letters, like the F is almost a blob in the original, but you can still tell what it is


Yeah I know. This is what I’m struggling to recreate. Note the brighter ‘core’ as well.
Looks like they actual used brushes to distort it.


Yeah, I’m playing with it right now to try and achieve a similar effect


What app are you using? Because strangely enough - I’m lost. It’s like I know what needs to be done, but forgot where the tools I need are.


I’m just using Photoshop and playing around with smudge, noise, and adding blurs to it

Here’s the result so far
Did most of the smudging on the lambda to see how it would look


I don’t think you need to use smudge. I managed to create a pretty accurate effect on PS by applying gaussian blur and then experimenting with the curves adjustment:

It’s not exactly the same here, but if you fine tune the curve and the amount of blur I think you’d be able to get it spot on.


Fucking hell pettifogg, keeping it real huh?
That’s so bloody obvious, damn. I’m so rusty it’s shameful.

P.S. Could you post the base curve shape and the blur amount?
EDIT: Nevermind:


ODB your using the half life background?

Not Bloodshots BM one…?

Is that my fault because I resized that one then took the link down and resized bloodshots Black Mesa background?

anyway I put the link for the resized Black mesa one now…

I would like to put this into HL2DM and use this as a basis for doing work on the text and menus…

Could I have a copy of the .vtf when your done?

I think it might be a good idea to see how they did the title Black Mesa in Inbound and the text settings on this on this for the menus on hover over.

With also looking at the settings in that HL2 Improvement and how they modded the menu gui here


I’d use Bloodshot’s one if I had an access to it… or not, since the BM logo on his looks like shit.
TBF, I don’t really feel like we absolutely have to use BM logo.


well can I ask that you make a black mesa logo version and a half life version please…

the file link here is for bloods black mesa logo



1980x1200 without fucked up aspect ratio pl0x.

tbf, all I can really do here is dump you the project files for you lot to render it yourself in AAE. Can’t afford to sit around waiting for every possible request to render as I’ve added film grain too.

EDIT: So here’s a semi-successful attempt. While simply adding a contrast curve in PS works with a solid black background - when I actually export it as a transparent PNG and put it into AAE - all the crushed greys pop back up again. So had to improvise instead with the curves in AAE itself, since it was being a cunt to me too by refusing to work properly - here’s a result of such compromise:

I dunno, don’t think it looks all that good with ‘black mesa’ and this particular background. Too slick and HD for Half-Life, even with the film grain added.

I might try to fuck around with alpha mattes next to get a workaround, but not today. Tired.

P.S. The actual font used by valve is Trebuchet MS bold, not Arial. The website actually uses Trebuchet too, but regular instead of bold for some reason.

P.P.S. It actually looks alright if you fullscreen it half-sized. Just open the gif in new tab and zoom in a few times to see for yourself. Perhaps use half the actual res in game?


the files are 1280 x 720 and 1280 x 1024

Ok thats fair enough but the background is static that can easily be replaced in after effects… the only layer you are applying effects to will be the animated text? Before you do all this work make sure you can either.

  1. Do all the neccesary coding to tile this and make the TGA files display correctly the image you are making

  2. have the video in the correct aspect ratio so when converting to a texture (if you do it this way instead) it is not going to emit sections of it and cut the image or animation

And also this should not take long to render a what 10 second max loop…


As I said, I will post an AAE file with font and background later today/tomorrow. You’ll be able to render it in whatever res you want, put whatever background you want, put “balck meas” instead of black mesa, remove the hyphen and basically do whatever the fuck you want with it since the fonts are all vector-based anyway.

It’s very unlikely I’m going to do any actual coding as I’d prefer to stick to designing, plus I’ll be staggeringly busy with an actual film project starting with tomorrow - so I’m leaving all the fun of testing it ingame to you.


thanks ODB


How’s it comin’?


What you see is what you get.




It means exactly what it says.


Well, I know what I see is what I get, and I like what I see so far.


Hello to all!
Look what I did

It looks close to the original. What do you think?