[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


This looks great any chance of a loading screen too?

Do you plan on making it available for download?

Before you start the game this should be the first background

More blur and scan lines on selected text and items might improve the text


What do you mean?

I did


Nice, I mean when you start any chapter or game you used to get this image

Just a thought to code in a texture loading screen and remove the progress bar

Obviously an improved version of this up to todays graphics… Perhaps with the small loading box in the right hand corner?


Pretty awesome! Any chance of getting ODB’s animated logo as the background?


Not to be a goober, but his has that stupid dash in it.

Good job tho CursorXP! I may have to download this when I get a chance.


I really don’t see a problem having the dash there


'sokay. difference of opinion is all.


All we need now is to get the right font to work, and put the title text in. I will look at putting the logo on tomorrow, cba to swap machines today.
Although I am not a fan of the ‘old film’ filter you have put there. While looking cool, it doesn’t fit the theme that well.

fuck your shit, it is going to stay there. It is fucking awesome.




That shit too. Your opinion ain’t shit before the glorious dash

P.S. can we have a warmer, less sickly yellow for the highlights? It looks like acid puke atm.
Or at least keep it closer to this:


yeah, the original was less bright


He’s been banned? O_o


Somehow it seemed inevitable. Some folks are able to change with the times, others are not.


I like CursorXP’s mod, I don’t care about animating the title, just wanted different colored windows.


just implemented your changes CursorXP, looks great! Thanks!


It is indeed awesome. Is there any way to make an animated VTF for source without VTFEdit? I can’t get it to work so I’ve been stuck with the photoshop VTF plugin.


I do not know whether it is possible to do so. Ah, if I knew how to coding I would…

Well, I just may make that picture (loading screen) high quality. If some coder will do this, I will be happy.

EDIT : I just now found out that VTF supports animation, lol.
So, Bloodshot, if I were you I would do the animation in any video
editor convenient for me, next would to coverted it to AVI, then to GIF, and after to VTF.


exactly what I have been trying to get across all olong but… It must be the correct resolution…

What resolution did you do the texture background at cursor xp?




how about this for the loading screen, its from the Enter the Freeman video:

and maybe add the BM logo on the bottom right, I’m not good at editing :stuck_out_tongue: