[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


So that means The Animation needs to be applied to the foreground and converted to a video at a resolution of 1024x1024. I posted how it could be done earlier in this thread but Bloodshot should send you the animated text… To give it a try perhaps.

As for the hover over version it might be interesting to see what it looks like adding blur into the code and scan lines for hover over mouse. And the title tabs in options might look good might not…just an idea

And a loading screen also if done would have to be at 1024x1024

Would make a good community project create a Black Mesa loading screen…


Damn, I broke my brain trying to “stick” that animation to my menu and I suddenly realized that menu looks so nice without this :slight_smile:


Look, I made it better. (uncompleted version)


my god what happened to his ribs??!


Cursor, when viewing the achievements window, the text and background are all red and it’s really annoying. Like, a very bright scarlet red.


Thats not a bad effort… Looks retro update… Defo an improvement . Good job so far


Maybe make the background a little darker, so it looks more like the original

I am liking the high-resolution though, except the Freeman looks a little pixelated around the edges


That image is not yet complete. I will make the background darker, suit texture a better and align edges.


I saw the image on my phone earlier looking at it now on my PC looks wicked :slight_smile:

Just a thought but perhaps smooth the background out a bit and make it a Darker shade of orange

Theres a way to get a TGA to display when loading… I will have a look into it and I am also going to try and blur and add scanlines to the text to the hover options in your scheme aswell as highlight tabs… see if I can find the code in there and add it.


So, cursor, any help here?


Maybe a bit darker and better glasses detail


Is this project dead? I really wanted to see the finished product… :frowning:


looking forward to updates on this also


Looks like we’re gonna have to defrib it. :frowning:


Yeah, I’m waiting updates on this too. I really love this mod, nostalgic.


Uh, how about “November 2012”?


Yeah, but maybe reposting on this someone try to improve something, I don’t know.


Fuck, maybe bumping this thread will bring the mod the life!


Worth a try :smiley:


idk if cursorxp updated his at all, but I released the WON-styled BG a while back and posted it on here