[idea] Classic BM-style menu?


Bloodshot not misunderstand me, I really admire your work, but I think this background:


more nostalgic, the sad thing is that not animated.


ultra epic


Aww yeah. That takes me back!


Hey Bloodshot, did you end up using my gif in the end?
I think I can make another version with a proper vanilla HL BG if someone can get for me.

It was pretty easy from what I recall so I don’t thin it would be a massive problem.


Wasn’t there like a ‘won’ version and then there was some sort of upgrade or patch which prompted it to change again?

Gosh it brings a tear to my eye to think how long HL has been in my life.


Difference is between WON and Steam version.

Me too. 1998 was a good year.


I did, credited you on the gamebanana page


Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I’ve always loved the Half-Life WON main menu, and now I get to see it in Black Mesa!


Not sure if anyone in this thread cares anymore but here´s what I´m working on. I cropped and re-edited the background from this picture. What do you think?


Well indeed this thread is old and it’s been inactive since March 10 from what I see.

But aside from that, that menu looks pretty good. Simple but effective, since if you’re gonna redo the menu in a classic way it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Just like the original menu, but in Source and another game.


Thanks! I´m also trying to add Sierra´s and Valve´s classic startupvideos. I got them working with Black Mesa´s mod-version but not with retail. Any ideas?


Hhmm… But Black Mesa is made by Crowbar Collective… Not Valve or Sierra…


I know. I don´t think it matters when that video would be just an added mod, it´s just for nostalgia. Besides, have you seen the mods in workshop? There´s couple of mods with OBM-theme which doesn´t really make much sense, at least for me, but guess some people like it. And I think that´s good enough reason to make a mod :slight_smile:


I think it looks really sexy, would download.
Say Kaltsu, do you think that you can also add an option in the menu that allows you to switch between this and the default UI, rather than just replacing it? kind of like what cry of fear did by letting you choose a 3d or 2d menu.


I will add this to my already existing mod in Workshop, but only after The December Update. I have no idea how to do add that option.

So I´m guessing it´s possible to add the startup-video? How about changing the colour and high-lighting of the menu-titles? Not the BLACK MESA-title, I like it the way it is.


Well, I published it if somebody´s interested. Oh, and if someone knows who created this wallpaper, please let me know!


Do you still have this menu background for Black Mesa?


I removed this whole mod. I want to create the background picture myself. Nothing to show yet and I cant say when. But I will show it here before publishing. I got some cute ideas for it and I definitely need some guidance to implement them.


Yeah so, something like this…


It´s starting to look ok to me. Made it with Gimp and Lightroom, then I stuffed it in Hammer and this is where I am now. So, given the fact that this is NOT just an background pic, but an textured wall in an actual 3d map, I was thinking that I should take advantage of it. Like effects and so. I´d love to hear suggestions.