There was a Card game created in 1995 called “Illuminati” made by Steve Jackson. The goal of this game is to Dominate the World, but the Interesting thing is that it showed future events like 9/11, I made a Video here:

What have you been smoking?

The game was probably made by fruitcakes like you, Jackson.

Well it was made by Steve Jackson. But, doesn’t it look like it was their plans for the 21st Century? Considering a LOT of it has happened, and it happening right now?

Your name is Jackson! It’s a conspiracy!


So, what do the other cards say for tomorrow? Rise of the monkey king? Or 7 guys on horseback in boyband colours?

Do you automatically win the game if you wear a tinfoil hat?

No matter how much Proof you’re shown, you still won’t believe it because you don’t care and don’t want to know the truth.

I’m a misanthropic anti-altruistic nihilist; the last fucking thing I’m scared of is people with paper money who supposedly still believe in god.

That’s it… the “Black Mesa Forums” have formally been renamed to the “Tin Foil Chemtrail Illuminati Alien Area 51 Forums”. The mod has now been suspended due to Raminator wearing Tin Foil hats all day.


Did you guys know the holocaust didn’t actually happen? hurr dur

I don’t believe it happened, I’m Jewish, and back in the 1940’s, some of my Family members worked in the Nazi Party, so how could Jews work in the Nazi party?

I hate people who know NOTHING of WW2 history…


What’s next? The Loch Ness-Monster?

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Where are the forum all-stars and their pro mocking skills when you need them?
This thread can NOT get closed until this guy gets at least 5 pages of pure mocking. You understand me, devs? 5 whole pages!

The Illuminati is just the 33rd degree of Freemasonry and Above. Do you know what Freemasonry is? This might help you:

Dude slow down a bit. He’s a freak, that’s a fact, but you’re just going batshit and looking almost as much freak as he is.

I mean, I’m not saying you’re overreacting, but you’re overreacting.

I’m sorry, but I just fucking love this guy.