I'm Saving Up Money To Move To Palm Beach, Florida

I don’t want to deal with winter anymore. Last year just sucked away my endurance for cold and snow. And yet hear I am, still in New Jersey, it is cold out, it is snowing, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I have approximately $7,000 in the bank right now, I owe my mother $2,000, and I figure I need a good $15,000 to be able to start a new life down the coast/ I save between $500 to $600 a month, so in around 20 months I will be moving away, and so I keep chanting to myself, just $10,000 more and I can move to Florida. Just $10,000 more and I am moving to Florida. Just $10,000 more…

I did a little bit of research, and am continuing to do more. An average two bedroom apartment was almost affordable, and I only need one. Plus I saw a job listing a few months ago offing more money than I make here in Jersey for the same work I am doing now. So things don’t look so bad from up here.

I just need to save up for the moving costs.

As far as places go, there are worse ones than Florida.

Yeah it’s not the worst.

I live on the south coast of England and man it’s not exactly cheap, in actual fact if you can commit it’s cheaper to buy a house then throw all the money out on rent. you’re looking between (area dependent) $250000-$480000 for a pretty standard 1-3 bed house for the average joe.

I got a raise last week so 20 months turned into 16 months. And 18 inches of snow yesterday is just another reminder of why I am leaving.

Like they always say, you’re not actually in the north unless the snowfall is too big to be confused with dick-sizes.

I don’t know anybody who says that, but then I’m quite deep in the south.

I’m at goal. All it will take now is a really bad day and I will be informing my boss of my intentions. Otherwise, I am waiting until March.

Have I mentioned how terrified I am of this move? I can’t wait to get out of here…

Looking forward to hearing more about this as it develops. Keep us informed!

Florida is pretty nice. Used to live in Sarasota.

On Monday I informed my boss of my intentions to defect to Florida. He offered to set up a remote office for me down there so that he could start another house in Jupiter, in addition to the one that we are about to build in Boca Raton…

But I don’t think I can work like that again, as I already did it for around 15 years before working for him. I would rather be in a full office with coworkers in the same room as me.

Well, it’s nice that he made the offer at least. That’s pretty accommodating.

That’s… that’s pretty far.

It’s too bad I feel like an abused step child working for this guy, and have grown to enjoy working with actual people in the same office.

But come on, you can’t pass up the opportunity to colonize Jupiter, can you??

I’d gladly set sail for Europa with adequate provisions.

I finally got a call back from an architectural firm in Florida. I should have an interview with them at their office here in Jersey just outside of Philly in the next couple of weeks. Here’s hoping it’s a good fit and I can earn a living wage…