In-Game Brightness Issues


When I load up Black Mesa, the game will be fine in lighted areas (such as the beginning of the game through the resonance cascade) but when I hit any sort of darkened area my screen will turn almost completely black, making the game nearly unplayable for me. I can barely make out features and I see the opaque outline of lights but hardly anything else. I’ve seen a few threads already and have tried adjusting both my laptop’s brightness and the brightness using the slider in the Options menu and both are up as light as the game can possibly be and it is still almost pitch black. The flashlight is also incredibly dark as well and doesn’t help at all in this situation.

I run Black Mesa on a Lenovo Ideapad laptop running Windows 7, and the laptop is approximately 3 years old. I have not added or changed anything in the original specs of the laptop including the video card, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have the same problem, hopefully someone will answer us



What exact model do you have?



I got a solution. I disabled COLOR CORRECTION and on High Dinamic Range I put BLOOM instead of FULL. In fact, I don’t know which one makes things right, but you can try by yourself on OPTIONS>>VIDEO>>ADVANCED