Interloper Extreme Lag and Can't Pick Up Hat

On Interloper, I completed the last little lazer mission to bounce up to the final levels, and then all of a sudden the game got supper laggy, I got these messages in the console. I can’t pick my hat back up because my guns fire nonstop and its incredibly laggy. I cant go back to a previous save either. I tried to complete the mission, which I did successfully, but if I shoot the grate that sucks me out of the container, I cant stop shooting. Please, I worked so hard for this and deleted a lot of saves a few minutes before all this happened.


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I have the same problem in this place of the game. It does not depend on the graphics settings or
compatibility settings.

Restarting the chapter might be the only solution.
This includes hacking the grate with a crowbar? Or can you not reach it?