Is Black Mesa written in C++?

I’m curious about which programming languages did you use to develop Black Mesa game?
Studying computer engineering right now (2nd Class) and i’d like to talk with a developer in BM Team.
That would make my perspective on Programming even better.

Have a nice day!! :slight_smile:


Black Mesa is running on the Source Engine (made and owned by Valve Software, licensed by the Black Mesa devs), which indeed is written in C++.

As for speaking to a Black Mesa dev, I’m pretty sure that they’re busy finishing the game at the moment.

A majority of the (gaming) industry is written with C++, depending on what you’re trying to achieve, what language is used will vary wildly (I’m a CS major too).

If you want to learn a bit more about the Industry, I’d suggest going to Turtle Rock Studios’ forums and reaching out to Lianne (Snowkissed) and Steve (Arpharazon). No offense to the guys and gals behind BM, but they’re usually radio silent except for a few people.

The two people that I mentioned I got quite a bit of info out of, and they’re usually pretty chatty. So long as you don’t look for specifics on their projects they can tell you quite a bit about the industry as they’ve been in it for quite a while.

As I cannot promise anything, I’ll see what I can do!

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If you’re interested in the Source engine and whatever is going on behind the scenes with it’s development or the games that are built with it I recommend the Valve Developer Community. Alternatively you could Google around for a bit or maybe boldly message a Valve developer personally.

Sorry for being late , i was dealing with my homeworks and midterms!
I also see you guys are busy with Xen release it’s okay and good luck!
I am curious about AI (for example human grunts) , how do you handle their sight ?
I mean the process that seeing Gordon and attacking him.