Is it just me or do HECU commanders no longer shoot MP5 grenades anymore?

I played Black Mesa a year or two ago and I seem to remember the HECU commanders firing MP5 grenades, something that didn’t really happen in the mod version. However, I recently started doing a full playthrough of Black Mesa, and it seems they no longer fire MP5 grenades at all. Is this intentional, or are they just bugged, or do they fire them super rarely now, or what? (also whatever happened to their sick shades?)

One hecu commanders never shot mp5 grenades, that was a different soldier type was teh black guy not the white guy.

that and hecu seem to rarely fire the mp5 grenades in black mesa.

I remember Commanders using MP5 Grenades when the game came out on Steam Early Access last 2015. I wonder what caused them to not use these? I really want these guys using those to add challenge. I don’t know if they need a tweak to launch those grenades to where you are going (Lava Golem style)?

I think you are referring to that Cigar black demolition guy from the original Half-Life wherein they always use MP5 Grenades.

I hope this gets fixed.

According to a comment on the Steam discussion forums, apparently this mechanic was removed intentionally because it was unfun to fight against.

Yeah… I saw it, and I talked to Adam-Bomb about this. Very unfun especially on Surface Tension. However, this is one ability that is distinct from Combine Soldiers. This ability must be restored with tweaks. Distinct animations even from afar. Using them aggressively, and not in corners :V. Distinct audio cue.

MMod added Combine SMG grenades and a lot of people praised it. I for one greatly enjoyed it as well.

Check the date, this topic was from 2016. HECU using mp5 grenades was re added in the ST:U update.

Wait really? I’ve played all the way to Forget About Freeman without noticing then! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah the thread is old, but there’s not a lot of activity around here anymore, and Mmod came out with grenades, so it seemed relevant.