Is it weird that I have the same profile photo as another user in any website or social media page?

Yeah, and currently I consider that person my twin or that I’m his clone and I never even noticed it… Accidentally, I have the same profile photo as @Nonimportantuser and I really find it funny since I have a twin or master or whatever and I really think that would be a problem since he or all of you might mistook it a fabrication/plagiarism or what do you want to call it.

Could anyone share to me your experiences if you already had the same thing as mine?..

Neither of you are creative enough to think of or create a mildly unique avatar so you use something by someone else that amused you, and you two happened to be amused by the same thing, and it’s BM related because this is a BM forum. It’s not too crazy. I think I had the same quote in my sig as someone else for a while.

it’s not exactly the same, so i’ll pass it off

Plus, wasn’t there a time when a ton of people used the exact same avatar here a few years back?

Yep. Or some variation of it. There was also Ram with his avatar that changed every time you reloaded the page or was different for each and every post.

I miss Raminator.

We all miss Raminator. I hope he’s well.

Whatever happened to Raminator?

A wild guees appears: Did he get pissed and left?

If memory serves, he left the team after the initial mod release, as he had become tired of doing game development. I guess after he wasn’t part of the team, he didn’t feel any desire to stay active on the forums.

I would like to think he is married with 2 kids, working a fab job as a scientist making bookoo bucks, and leaving random boomerangs on his co workers desks when they are not looking.

Thank you for this

Only the originals will know what it means. :wink:

but boomerangs don’t grow back, do they???

like, you can’t just randomly leave them around–

Well… as long as you aren’t tossing them, you can leave them anywhere you want without a danger of them ricocheting back to you.