Is the public bug tracker currently in use?

Is the bug tracker here in active use, by the way? I saw some recent activity there so reported a few issues encountered in the current public build, but on checking the forum I noticed there was no reference to it in the bug reporting guide, so just wondered if I was mistaken.

In general, the developers use steam forums or discord to monitor bugs. I havent seen them around these parts in a long time.

To be honest, I wish there would be better way to report bugs and suggestions, where it is easy to search if it wasn’t already reported. Also most important part getting small feedback from dev, if the bug will be fixed and what kind of priority is assigned to bug or if it isn’t worth the time/ effort.

On discord, I have the feeling that lot of bugs and suggestions are lost and there is low chance that players will actually get any feedback on reported bug.

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I think the problem with using a public bug tracker is that you can have a situation where the bug tracker gets filled with a large amount of low-priority bugs, “won’t fix” bugs, duplicates, or plain spam. The result of that is that a considerable amount time will have to be spent on just triaging the bug reports on the bug tracker.

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OK, thanks everyone.