Jump height problem (not what you think)

I’m going to start out by saying jumping in Black Mesa is exactly what was intended. I know about crouch jumping, I think it’s used too excessively in the game but that it’s the devs’ call. This thread isn’t about that.

The problem is, I’m getting stuck with the same Black Mesa jump height in other source mods, and worse yet, Half Life 2 Episode 2. I’m going to guess it affects the other Half-Life 2 games, Portal 1, and possibly Portal 2 and TF2 (I have not tested them yet). This is obviously a huge problem, and I’m pretty sure that I can possibly fix this if I delete enough things, but I have a sinking suspicion I’ll end up deleting most of my Steam folder if I approach things haphazardly, and that’s a lot of downloading.

Does anyone know what went wrong, what I can do to fix it, or at the very least what files/folders I need to delete and redownload fresh? I’ve deleted Black Mesa and Episode 2, and redownloaded Episode 2, but the problem persists.

Try deleting source sdk 2007 base.

I tried doing that; nothing really changed. Maybe I didn’t do it right? If someone gives me a tip on how to do it properly it’d be appreciated.

I tried deleting all the steam folders connected to Source, and removed all the games. I am currently redownloading those games, but halflife 2 is only a 3GB download, making me think I didn’t manage to get rid of Source, and I’m pretty sure that means I still have the jump bug.

I either need a better way to get rid of Source and redownload it, or a way to fix the problem.

I’m sorry for the long wait before responding, but I’ve been too busy for games for a while. I’d really like to fix this now, though.

EDIT: it just occurred to me 3.6 gigs is actually possibly the file size on HL2, I mixed it up with TF2’s massive 10gb size. Will test when I can, but please answer my concerns anyway, if you can.

This doesn’t apply to TF2, but I know that the jump height is exactly the same between HL2 and Black Mesa, according to this page: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dimensions

The exact same values apply to Black Mesa, with the exception being the jump-distance value. I know because I tested it in Hammer.

Is it the jump distance being affected, or the jump height?

I am positive it was the jump height; I couldn’t jump onto crates in HL2 without crouch-jumping. I thiiiink it’s fixed, I can now jump onto crates without it (though just barely - I can’t remember if that’s how it always was) and I will try to play through a good portion of HL2 and the episodes later this week to see if I can get through the game like this.

I’m a bit wary of setting up Black Mesa again without a fix, though. Or even a possible fix. I might try it later, but I appreciate any input people have. (

Thank you for all your help in advance.

Jump height is a little too low indeed, to the point you can never use it and are forced to jump-crouch all the time. For those who want to modify it, it’s in


(there’s no space, it’s “skill”, a bug in these forums I presume)

Change the following values (might need fine-tuning):

bms_normal_jump_vertical_speed "185" bms_normal_jump_crouch_vertical_speed "185"