just gonna leave this here.


Pretty nice :slight_smile:

I remember watching the Teaser for this and thinking it’s gonna be epic. Well it is.

Well done!

Victoria has some sweet voice.

I’m happy considering this the launch trailer

Awesome. Add to Greenlight page NAOH! Also add to front page, when it get’s redone by Hubi soon.

I love it!

Shame it’s just got removed…

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Many apologies folks. There seems to have been some issues with the video previously posted. Once the technical difficulties have been taken care of, I will re-post it. Thank you for your understanding.

Edit: Thank you for posting it Hubi. And thank you guys for liking it. :heart:


da fuk… what was it about?

well this is painful.

I wan it… :frowning:

what was wrong?


Dafuq, I wanted to watch it - rawr!


The video is up again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3EKcOBdvWU :slight_smile:

And yeah, all for a bullet, actually! May not seem big deal, but I just don’t want people to focus on that mistake instead of the video itself :smiley:


Out of curiosity, which of the two bullets was it?

Anyways, it’s great! If I had a youtube account then I would thumb it up.

I put the full cartidge instead of the bullet :facepalm: But it’s all good now!

That was a beautiful tribute, great work! Just out of curiosity, did you have to model some of the backgrounds and assets or was it all taken from existing media?