Kenny attempts to regularly stream!


TL :smiley: R on the channel description- I will be attempting a playthrough of the original Starcraft and Brood War on a Saturday schedule, as well as streaming recordings of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay on Mondays. Other games TBD, times TBD. Might do Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as well if I can swing the finances. Some of you also may remember I never finished my streamed HL2 playthrough that was supposed to be for the 10 year anniversary an age and a half ago, but that got swept up in Valve Time. I may periodically return to HL2 on the stream to finish that out, since I was pretty far in the game (up to Nova Prospkt, my favorite chapter). I will bump this thread when I stream HL2 most likely, since that will be the most in-demand of my streaming schedule. Feel free to discuss or point out how bad I am at Starcraft here! <3