Lambda Complex End Laser Portal HL2.exe crash


I played this whole game straight . I just loved it huge Half life fan. (still waiting for 3) :frowning: (

I am at the very end of the Lambda chapter and am fighting off the aliens as the scientist opens the portal. As soon as the laser beam appears and the Xen portal begins to appear, the game just pauses and boom HL2.EXE error and windows screen.
This has happened during other parts of the game but after a restart it usually went away. I have put new drivers have restarted computer have put all setting to low and windowed mode but nothing.
My download files are from september 16 2012

My specs:
Machine name: CORE
Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_gdr.131030-1505)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model: Z68A-D3H-B3
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.7GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 16296MB RAM
Page File: 6335MB used, 12392MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce GTX 570

Also youtube video

Help !!! some save files right after that screen would also do the trick if someone has.

maybe a windows 8.1 error

I’ll test this later today. My specs are close to identical to his, but I’ve yet to try and run Black Mesa on 8.1.

Let’s see what happens at the end of Lamba Core, shall we?

The only PC i’ve ever owned that was capable of playing through Black Mesa without a single crash in one playthrough, is an IBM thinkpad T60 with a Core 2 Duo, 3GB of RAM and a Radeon x1300.

i redownloaded the game nothing
now trying to install on other computers !!! im gonna finish this dammit :stuck_out_tongue:

Dominus Tempus please send me save file right after at the beginning of Xen world

Ive tried on 3 different computers from various years back
the thing is they all had a Intel processor and a nvidia card

HAHAHA u wont believe it
I managed to make it work on another computer and i pass the portal and the game ends
FFS no Xen world :frowning: i tried all this for nothing. Well case closed

Any Zen world close???
Iis Zen world gonna become the new Half Life 3

Case Closed

Xen is being worked on and will be released at a later date.

I enjoyed Black Mesa so much its like games today dont have what it takes to intrigue me
Thanks For Everyone involved in making this and waitting for Xen world !!!

I apologize for the thread necromancy.

I too am at the end of lambda core, and the game, which until then ran very smoothly, suddenly turned into a slideshow (12 fps or so). My specs:

i7 2600k @ 4.0Ghz
8Gb DDR3-1866
2 x GTX 670 in SLI

I am running the game in glorious 3D Vision. Got 60 stereo-fps about 90% of the time, and above 50 100% of the time, except fighting the aliens at the end of lambda core.

Any tips? The video cards aren’t working hard, didn’t check the CPU, but I doubt it’s using it all?

On the mod release, the finale sequence in Lambda Core had some optimisation issues stemming from a very complicated, intermittent bug. This has been fixed for the retail release. Unfortunately the mod version’s ending is problematic for a lot of people - I had to finish it with about 5 fps despite having no issues anywhere else with the game.