Last Film You Saw


I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) last night. Surprisingly, it caught my attention more than a marathon of Frasier reruns.

Given some of its raunchier scenes, holy smokes am I glad I saw it alone. But it was a riveting and enjoyable movie with a few interesting characters (okay, mostly that one titular girl). It was long, but well-paced and engaging, and the ending was tidy.

I’m still not used to him being a blonde James Bond, but Daniel Craig seemed at home with this role.




I recently saw the original and it was superb. Thinking about checking this one out.


I saw Age of the Dragons (2011), which basically tried to be Moby Dick except replacing whale oil with dragon oil. It ends up copying names but taking great liberties from faithfully rendering Melville’s book. This movie made Queequeg out to be the whiny-bitch companion we grew accustomed to while watching Samwise Gangee in Lord of the Rings.

I stilled liked the movie, though. It takes itself seriously no matter how prone it may be to mockery. I just wish they didn’t try to squeeze so many fistfights into it.

I later saw As You Like It (2006), a film adaptation of a Shakespeare play I’d never heard of until a good friend recited some dialogue from memory and recommended I seek it out.

It was pretty great, starting serious and getting more lighthearted along the way. Plus, this 2006 film tweaked the setting to feudal japan for the sole purpose of legitimately introducing ninjas.

Also, I was watching a 1970s documentary on WWII’s Eastern Front, called The Unknown War, when I saw this name in the opening credits:

Can anybody tell me why this name seems familiar?


DREDD in 3D of course.

Nice rinse to clean the mind out of that other film.

Brought the comic to life with over the top violence, great slow-motion effects, and vivid colors in those sequences. Karl Urban owned it as Dredd.


Holes. Not quite what I was expecting, but acceptable.


Might be seeing Looper tomorrow night, looks pretty good.


The Fast and the Furious


Yeah, that’s gotta be the be the best film adaptation of any IP ever since Sin City.

Every facet of the film was dead on perfect.


I’ll agree that everything but its name seems pretty good.

Its name brings to mind some combination of Jack Nicholson, Toucan Sam, Chris Sawyer, and Meatspin.


Bruce Willis seems to be in all the decent time travel movies, first Twelve Monkeys and now Looper.


Prometheus… There was just way too many things going on, the whole engineer thing could have been its own god damn movie.


“The Intouchables”
(the French one, from last year)

I read the plot out of curiosity: seems interesting. Let us know! :slight_smile:


I saw Looper today. Easily the best film of 2012 in my opinion.


Saw it last night, it was awesome. Best Sci Fi movie I’ve seen in a long time. Very fresh and exciting take on a concept that’s been done many times before. Go see it!


[added on to-watch list… but here it will come out in February 2013! :frowning: ]



NOBAMA 2012 [color=’#808080’][is the crowd I’m expecting to go see this movie].


rite what a gr8 time for fuck poor people the movie

i saw
the campaign


They’re making a sequel to a movie adaptation of a book? Whaaat?


its in 2 parts like deathly hallows