Last Film You Saw


Watched The Possession for Halloween. Pretty standard demon-possession fare, but the possessed gal was pretty dynamite in her acting. And the [COLOR=’#191919’]Jewish exorcism is a different track than you normally expect. Special effects were decent and had a nice creepy quality to it.

Couldn’t get into the whole “divorced man having trouble with custody of his kids” cliche, though.


Interstellar - 9.5/10. Totally amazing. I loved it! :smiley: Nolan always delivers movies that pack a lot of emotion, and this one was no exception. But what’s awesome is that the movie is very scientifically sound in most regards - even a lot of things that don’t seem possible actually are. The plot might be a bit confusing for some, but I never felt unable to follow what was going on - in fact some parts were rather predictable. I don’t think it will be seen as more confusing than Inception. The soundtrack is also terrific. It’s Hans Zimmer, but I honestly couldn’t tell until I saw the credits. He really knocked it out of the park on this one - it’s not just more Inception bwaahs and generic orchestral music, but a carefully crafted, powerful score that enhances every scene of the movie. The visuals are a joy to behold as well, with many shots being just breathtaking.

If I had to knock Interstellar for anything, it would be that it is a little vague about a few things that seem pretty important. Overall though it is a wonderful film, especially for sci-fi fans. It ought to keep just about anyone on the edge of their seat though.


I completely disagree about interstellar. While it is a well made film, none of the characters have any development and only ever seem to be in a scene just to make events happen. The only characters that I liked were the robots, who seemed more fleshed out than any of the people we were meant to care about.


I went to see Interstellar the other day but it was sold out so I saw Nightcrawler instead. Was really good. Though the ending was kind of bad. It felt like it could have been quite a bit longer. Still a great movie though.


Big Hero 6 was very entertaining. I saw it with my sister and her two sons. The short before it was very touching (made me cry) and the after-credits scene was worth staying late for.


Fury, a few weeks ago. It was pretty good.

Also Interstellar last Friday.

Big Hero 6 doesn’t release here until 25th December :frowning:




Hi, the last film I saw was about a real story of a haunted doll. This movie was “Annabelle” It was one of the intense and disturbing movies I have watched.


Haha it doesn’t matter how I read that, it reminds me of an elementary school students summary that you’d do in class for those mock book reports.

Edit: also, I watched Big Hero 6 recently. It was pretty good, I’d recommend it to people that like animated movies like that. It’s pretty funny too haha and the short before it hits right in the feels x) just as TGP said.


I watched Big Hero 6 myself as well. The short at the beginning didn’t make me cry though I can see why it would make others cry. But the movie itself was outstanding. Probably only second behind Wall-E for the best animated movie I’ve ever seen. The ending was a little weak (Spoiler: [COLOR=’#191919’]It wasn’t that big a sacrifice to leave Baymax in the Stargate limbo–just build another one with the program card as he did at the end) but overall, extremely excellent! I’ll be at the store for any midnight release of the Blu Ray/DVD. :smiley:


Hi, The last film I saw was about a train that couldn’t stop and the people in the back wanted to be at the front. This movie was “Snowpiercer” It was one of the intense and exciting movies I have watched.


Amazing, wasn’t it? I was basically falling in love with that asian sidekick girl the same time the protagonist was falling for her. (Then again, the same could be said for Oldboy.)

Snowpiercer would make for a good HL2 mod.


I just watched the full uncut version of “Das Boot.” Incredible movie, probably the most captivating near-five-hours of movie I’ve ever seen. The blocking and cinematography are top-notch, and perfect examples of handheld cameras done well, rather than shaking everywhere to obscure the action, we can see the actors run through and hop around the cramped interior of the submarine with perfect clarity.


I read that they used a special camera that had two gyroscopes on it


Yup, they invented the rig specifically for the film.


That’s really neat about the camera, never knew that.

I know, right??

My favorite one-liner from any movie ever is “I’m in no condition to fuck!!!

And the ending is… uh… interesting.

If you liked Das Boot, then I also strongly recommend The Sand Pebbles (1966). It follows an American steamship which is stationed in a river in 1920s China. It has a similar tone, though it’s almost entirely in English and the plots are nothing alike.


I saw that Interstellar movie everyone is going on about.

Wonderful soundtrack.


Hudson Hawk is really good and you should watch it if you’re into that kind of movie.


You are one of 200 people that think that about that movie. The rest of us hate it to the core for sucking so much balls it’s a ball pit mouth.


Holy cow that synopsis for Hudson Hawk is amazing, downloading.