Last Film You Saw


Saw is the other day too. Was good but obvious Oscar bait as well. And the editing was pretty strange throughout the movie. Constant jump cuts and stuff. Not my favorite Clint Eastwood directed movie.


Whiplash. Great stuff. Most intense music film I’ve ever seen, by far.


The actual trial starts this week.


Just finished watching Dial M For Murder. Really great movie. It’s been a while since the events in a movie put me on edge like that, though I guess that’s why Hitchcock has his nickname “the master of suspense”. The scene at the beginning where the whole plan is outlined, with just two men talking in the same setting for so long, made it feel like a play I felt. It also reminded me of the bar scene from Inglourious Basterds. Probably going to watch Rope next. I watched it before but that was forever ago and I don’t remember too much of it.


Interstellar - 5/10

It really pissed me of, and not for the reasons that I see everyone else complaining about. Not once did I hear the movie explain what was causing the Earth’s crops to die, or why moving to another planet would make things better. Fuck you Interstellar. I don’t believe that bullshit one bit. Makes the rest of the movie pretty pointless when you take the foundations out from underneath it like that. Didn’t care for it at all.


I seem to recall something about a virus slowly changing to composition of the Earth’s atmosphere.



Edit: Meant for the rage topic…


Avengers 2, really enjoyed it. Not going to say it’s the greatest film ever, but it ticked all the blockbuster

This, but on a global scale.


I saw Age of Ultron yesterday. In 3D. IMAX.

The 3D didn’t add much to the movie and neither did it being on possibly the smallest ‘IMAX’ screen I remember seeing.

That being said, I thought it had just the right balance of comedy, action and drama. I just didn’t like:

[spoiler]what felt, to me, like rapid-fire deus ex machinas coming out of the woodwork. From the “Oh, by the way, Jarvis is still alive.” to Tony Stark suddenly having an orbiting satellite(!) capable of sending a restraint–for a time–for the Hulk, to the sudden and explosive–literally–inclusion of a new character–Vision–coming right the fuck out of nowhere and suddenly is indispensable to the team.

Also, Ultron’s horde of killbots didn’t seem to be that threatening on their own; it was just that there were so many. I hate cannon-fodder enemies whenever they’re used in any format. I would’ve liked it if there were fewer killbots but have them be more powerful.

Plus, cut it out with the “I have to go back to save one more person and it causes a tragedy to the team!” cliche. I rolled my eyes through that entire sequence where Quicksilver sacrificed himself to save Hawkeye.[/spoiler]

Except for those gripes, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I just don’t really recommend the 3D version or seeing it in IMAX. In fact, I probably won’t go see another film in IMAX or 3D. Just feels gimmicky.


I knew where they got their ideas from, but that still doesn’t explain what was going on in the actual movie. You should read that wiki article. It won’t mention blight. It was a combination of drought, lack of trees as a wind break, and bad farming practices. That doesn’t work on a global scale with modern farming practices and the technologies needed to redirect water great distances.

And why didn’t the blight transfer up into space along with the crops they were transplanting? Why did that magically save the crops that were dying off down here? No explanation whatsoever.


No country for old men.


I just finished watching Ex Machina…

And lemme tell you something!

That movie was the most disturbing, exciting, and gripping movie I’ve watched in a few years. It was quite a ride, all the acting was well done, and it had me sitting there in suspense and intrigue all throughout. If you’re thinking of seeing it, and you like psychologically suspenseful sci-fi thrillers, I totally recommend this.

I give it a solid 8.5/10, a 9/10 isn’t too far off either. It’s definitely not for kids/people who like lots of action or anything like that. It’s a story, and a suspenseful one at that.


I want to see that, but the cinemas where I live aren’t showing it for some reason :[

EDIT: seems like the Australian release in general was very limited - apparently only a few cinemas in the major cities are showing it.


Mad Max: Fury Road.

…This movie is just good. It’s, among other things, a pefect example of how “Show, don’t tell” is supposed to work.

Also, that soundtrack.


Just saw Jurassic World, I recommend it, if you were a fan of the first one, go see it.


Same. Shit, even if you never watched one, go see it. It’s great. Love all its little references tho.



Holy shit what a depressing movie. I thought it was going to turn around at some point but nope.


It Follows.

great horror film. awesome camera and THAT soundtrack! such a moody and scary film, yet what a great depiction of youth!
Highly recommended.

also, that tall man…


Just got back from watching “Inside Out”. Probably the second best animated movie I’ve seen. Every part of it was perfect (loved Anger the most, but then it’s Lewis Black, how can you go wrong?)…except for one thing (extreme spoilers ahead):

That dumb-ass deus ex machina near the end. Joy and Sadness need to get back to headquarters, right? The destruction of Family Island causes the Train of Thought to be destroyed. There’s no way back to headquarters now. So, into Imagination Land, fill the magic bag with clones of the fantasy boyfriend, use the clones to make a tower of fantasy boyfriends, and fling Joy to grab Sadness to HQ. Dumb. Dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb-DUMB!

Beyond that, though, I can’t complain at the rest of the movie. The best part was the mid-credits sequence.

Highly recommended!