Last Film You Saw


Saw it yesterday and totally agreed. Such great acting. And the film keeps you’re ol’ gray matter spinning throughout the film.

Saw it, too just now. Fitting alternative title you chose. Also, I don’t really know if you’re supposed to find the story amusing or so. I don’t know, kind of a forgettable film.


Watched an Argentinian film Wild Tales. Was a collection of dark humor short stories, was a little bit hit and miss, but the last story (about a wedding) hit it out of the park. It’s a fascinating dark sadistic and hilarious train wreck. Almost should have been a short film on its own. Worth watching even if just for the final story.

Watched a couple other Argentinian films:
Nine Queens-Alright, but tried way too hard to have a gotcha mind blowing ending in a way that really just seemed like it undermined the impact of the story
The Secret in Their Eyes-Didn’t watch recently, but it’s a spectacular film. A little slow and very heavy but pretty spectacular.
On Probation-Pretty mediocre action comedy. I generally am annoyed by people complaining about movies on a feminist basis, but this movie seriously ignored the female characters to the point were it really detracted from the film and left loose strings.


Just watched ”A Clockwork Orange",and I’m currently watching ”Schindler’s List". I’m not much of a moviegoer anyway, so most of what I watch is pretty mainstream, though I’m starting to have an interest in older films.


Fire in the Sky(1993)

Alien abduction. Not much else to say.


Ant Man. Didn’t know what to expect, very different from other Marvel films but I liked it.


Children of Men. Like most movies I watch, I wen into it without any clue what it was besides the title.

I was a bit confused for a period (a lot of dialogue was too quiet and I was not in control of the volume), but it was overall pretty wonderful. The setting was interesting, and camerawork was really nice. There were some long one-take shots that were really complex and impressive.


Interstellar, the day before yesterday and yesterday The Battle of the Five Armies


As Above, So Below

Horror in Paris catacombs in the search of the Philosopher’s Stone. Better than I thought it would be.
Handheld and head-mounted cameras to give that authentic feel.


My sister really really enjoyed it, but I thought it was only “okay”. And I’m a big technocrat.

I guess it’s because I was already spoiled by movies exploring the same theme. Tarkovsky’s Solaris, for example … is stunning. I recommend it if you enjoy these types of films. If I had to describe it using other films, I’d say it falls halfway between Ex Machina and Kubrick’s The Shining.

Still, I hope we see more out of Ex Machina’s director. He’s going in a great direction. If he keeps it up, I’d file him with the likes of Kubrick, Tarkovsky, and Aronofsky.


I’ve seen them a while ago, but…

  1. Jurassic World. As a review:

Yeah, I watched the original film straight after the screening and Jurassic World revealed itself to be an even larger load of shite. Made me appreciate Spielberg as a director and a visionary - I figured he was grossly overrated up to that point. As a producer though, he needs to sort his fucking shit out.

  1. Terminator Genysis. See above.

Hollywood is so consistently shit atm it is not even funny.


Can’t speak for Terminator (didn’t much like any of them really) but I thought Jurassic World was actually a pretty good movie, both as a Jurassic Park movie and on its own.


Well if you like poorly written, abysmally directed expensive CGI cartoons with occasional (rather mediocre) live action keyed in, all riddled with bad cliche tropes - then I guess you would have.

Look, I am sorry, but when a motion picture relies on nostalgia trips and shitty gag references to the first film (lol meta, herp derp) to garner a positive response and poses them as ‘soul’ - it means that motion picture is shit. Add in a rather pretentious ‘self-awareness’ BS (yeah, apparently, admitting that you are suck dicks and otherwise stupid and pointless magically makes you suck less, seems legit) and you want to bash the creators’ heads in.

If I wanted to be (really) nice about it, I’d say JW is a really mediocre, pointless by-the-numbers ‘tick-every-box’ cash-in. But even that is being too nice. It is just as bad (if not worse) as JP3.
There is no point of it even existing.



As someone who was expecting truly atrocious crimes from that movie, my standards were set in the negatives (like, set to Uwe Boll) So I quite enjoyed Jurassic World.

I think what I liked about Jurassic World was that it didn’t really try to be Jurassic Park. In the same way the Jurassic Park movie didn’t try to be the book, it’s like they said “We are never going to beat it at it’s own game, lets try something different”. It’s so far removed from the original in terms of atmosphere it doesn’t even really try to be “Jurassic Park Canon tm” either in my opinion. It’s just a fun movie.

I can see it from both points of view though. Either way, everyone needs to watch “The Ward” if they are into horror/suspense movies.


Well I enjoyed the movie quite alot.

JW is not as bad as some think.

Everybody knows Jurassic Park, but now it’s a real amusement park…

So yes they have my approval to make another movie!


Last movie I saw was Minions. I rather liked it. Turned out better than I expected.


The Amazing Spider-Man was on TV the other day, and I generally like comic book movies, so I gave it a shot.

Man is that movie dumb. I turned it off after one too many dumb one-liners. (“Hey, watch it, I’m swingin’ here!”)



M for Marvel… as in m for mediocre.

You’ve just defined “pointless”. Even then, I really struggle to buy this argument though, since about every single element about it is a (poorly done) rehash of the original.

And I really struggled to find anything about it fun. Mostly it ranged from “stupid” to “fairly annoying” to ‘painfully boring’. And I mean everything - script, jokes, actors/chars, action, dinos.
Indominus (oh my god) Rex was fucking retarded.

What I expected was a dino movie - instead I’ve got a watered down cliche monster movie crap.


I think what this is really about is what we all expected it to be like. I expected a boll-esque trash nightmare and came out pleasantly surprised, you expected a Jurassic Park caliber movie and came out horrified. shrug


Same. I expected JW to be abysmal and came out of it pleasantly surprised. I’d say it’s one of those few movies whose trailer made it look a hell of a lot more stupid than it actually ended up being.

It wasn’t an excellent movie by any stretch of the imagination. But it was a satisfying one.


I went in and wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed it nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not one of my favorites that I’d rave about. Ex Machina definitely was one of those faves I’d buy. So is Empire of the Wolves. Spirited Away. And a list of others. I don’t think there’s actually a prevalent theme in what I LIKE about movies and shows and video games, but more like there’s just something in some of them that I see and am captured by.