Last Film You Saw


Oh, I expected it to be fairly shit and not as good as JP. I still expected a dino film.

But yeah sorry I expected (at least) decent writing and good acting from a big-budget summer blockbuster in 2015, what was I thinking. It’s not like those ever had that to begin with… oh wait.

P.S. Have to say I came out of the theatre thinking ‘okay’. It is when I thought ‘was it really that mediocre back in the day?’ and watched the original I just said ‘no, it is patently shit nowadays’.


Just got back from watching Ant Man. It was nice and fun.


The Green Lantarn.

Although they say the movie is bad, I enjoyed it quite a bit!


Which one? The actual superhero one or the one where he’s like a rich vigilante dude (I believe they’re both named Green Lantern.)


Green Hornet is those rich vigilante dude


Ahhh, ok. I hated that movie, I thought it was lame.


Just watched the fifth Final Destination. Been watching them all for the last week.

The only one I had seen before was the first one. It’s actually good and well executed.
Then I watched 2, 3 and 4. Each one worse than the one before. Got the feeling they all focused more on the freak accidents than the emotional part. I was asking the question why they thought it would be a good idea to keep this series alive.

Thought that the fifth would be even worse, and it wasn’t. it was closer to the first film than those between. The ending was really cheesy, though.


Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation

Not bad

Think I might have seen a PC version of Halo 5… (either that or the Xbox One is getting support for triple screen surround gaming… which do you think is more likely? :stuck_out_tongue: )



I rented Chappie.

Gotta say, I liked it even though it has got a lot of hate from people I know. The only 2 problems for me are the giant plot hole with the neural helmet that appearantly works on robots .(robots don’t have neurons Mr. Moviewriter)
And the giant ethical dilemma at the end. All the dead people get new robot bodies at the end. But they are just copies of someone in a robot, not actually the people themselves. They even show a USB stick with a copy of someones mind on it at the end of the movie.

So they are just robots that think they are that person. And they kinda are, but they are still just an exact copy. The actual people are dead and not experiencing anything.

I might be overthinking though.


I liked it too, I thhink most people just had trouble enjoying the zaniness of it. I definitely agree that the neural helmet was a plothole, but the copies of people part was brushed aside, albeit poorly. At one point Deon explains to Chappie that he can’t just put him in a new body for the reasons you’re mentioning. Much later, when Chappie uses the PS4 farm, he says he’s solved it, it being the way to transfer consciousness, and not just memories and personalities.

Forget who brought it up, but I watche Ex Machina based off someone posting about it here. I thought it was very good movie brought down by some sloppy parts in the story. Spoilers:
It seemed completely unreasonable that a security and seclusion obsessed billionaire would be so sloppy as to use nothing but keycards for the entire security of his house. Sure you could argue that he did that on purpose to make Caleb feel like he could escape with Ava, but all the same he ended up beaten so stupidly easy. Additionally, one of my favorite themes in movies and why Ex Machina drew me in so much is treating AI as truly conscious with psychologies and personalities, not the silly dystopian evil calculating machines. However, at the very end, Ava intentionally kills Caleb by locking him in Nathan’s room for absolutely no apparent reason than for the sake of killing him. That just turns her into the shallow evil robot stereotype in a way that was entirely unnecessary for the plot: she could have just left him at the house, not locked in a room with no food.


I gonna be seeing Resurrection F on Wednesday, will post about once I actually see it


Amusement Park one is/was good!


Just watched Paris, Texas. It was a very very slow film but pretty spectacular and very emotionally heavy hitting, especially at the end.


My younger sister was watching the Tom and Jerry movie in the room next to mine. It was like cancer for my ears.


Resurrection F was pretty good, even though they forgot some plot details from the anime, such as Mystic Gohan never having to train, yet was weaker cause he didn’t train since the buu arc and no mention of Goten and Trunks whatsoever


Not the last film I saw, the Deadpool trailer got me the most excited for a movie that I’ve ever been.

  1. Rogue Nation

Fine and mostly well done… but why would you want to have that fucking ugly CGI underwater scene in the film - I do not fucking know. Also jet plane sounds on a fucking PROP airplane? WTF.

  1. Man from U.N.C.L.E.

It… didn’t disappoint. Pretty damn well made actually.


Just saw Pixels. I went to go see it because it had a worse rating on rotten tomatoes than The Room. To my surprise, Josh Gad was actually funny in it. My theory is that he wrote his own lines.


Finally saw Age of Ultron yesterday.
Good fun, though not as good as the first Avengers. And what’s up with them all making stupid jokes in the middle of warzones. I thought this was a bit over the top, even seeming arrogant in the situations. Put me kinda off sometimes. Apart from that, great action.


The Martian.

Almost as good as the book, in my opinion. Definitely something I’d watch again with different friends or something.

EDIT: Okay, perhaps I should elaborate a bit.

The movie is based on the book, and surprisingly enough, didn’t diverge all that much from the source material. There are several parts that got cut and condensed due to time, which is understandable given that there’s so much sheer stuff going on in the book that it’s hard to put it all in a movie (heck, the movie itself is already over 2 hours long even AFTER cutting what they did).

Since it’s based on the book, it’s pretty scientifically accurate with only a few exceptions that I can think of. There’s at least one scene that I can personally say is accurate (specifically, the scene when he hexedits a Linux shared object file in the Mars rover to modify the rover OS to do [SPOILERIFIC STUFF]… I’m pretty glad they kept that in the movie in some form or another, since it was one of my favorite parts of the book). Since they had to condense most of the sciency stuff for time, they don’t go as in-depth as the book when they talk about running numbers, but they kept most of the major number crunches, so there wasn’t too much lost there.

Probably my biggest gripe would be the ending scene, which they modified oh-so-slightly from the book to be marginally ridiculous. If you haven’t read the book, it might not be so bad. But having read the book, I kind of watched it and said, “wha…?” to myself. Regardless, it was still very entertaining. One of the best movies I’ve seen this year.