Last Film You Saw


Focus - 7/10

Almost gave it an 8. It was a fun watch initially, it kept me wondering who was playing who and how. But after sleeping and eating and thinking about it for a little bit, there wasn’t anything there for repeat viewings. I saw it once, which was worth it, but I probably won’t ever watch it again.


What We Do in the Shadows

Vampire comedy but it’s a great vampire movie in its own right. Does the traditional myths justice (well traditional as in Dracula-esque, though it touches a bit on older folklore too, and some things are changed up from what Dracula set up) and has werewolves as secondary characters and some other undead beings too. It does well on the comedy front too. It pokes fun at other vampire media too like Blade and Twilight.


Star Wars Episode IV The New Hope VII Force Awakens.

Nuff fucking said.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, great spectacle, but holy fucking shit…


Star Wars Episode VII - it was great!
I honestly wasn’t reminded too much of Episode IV throughout it - only when they talked about how it compares to the death star. The way the plot is told is far different to Episode IV and it felt fresh to me, at least. But hey, we’ve still got two more episodes.

Edit: I do agree, however, that the Death Star-esque world-destroyer plot device has been used 3 times now (though this “Starkiller Base” was a bit different at least)


Toward the end, I wondered if it suffered from any of the stale acting that haunted the prequels.
Then I realized I was about to cry because I was emotionally invested with some characters.


Episode 7 was fantastic. Anyone bitching about how it’s practically a copy of episode 4 either can’t appreciate movies that aren’t completely original or gut-reacted after seeing another death-star-like superweapon. That was literally one of the few plot elements re-used from episode 4. If anything having some elements be similar to episode 4 is brilliant because it’s for the new generation of movie goers who didn’t get to see the original in theatres.

Seriously, it’s like fans don’t know wtf they want.


either can’t appreciate movies

What, you wanna talk about it as a movie? You really wanna make me go there?

Terrible pacing , abrupt, incoherent and awkward as fuck action and chemistry between characters (they know each other for 5 seconds and are already fucking soulmates) and idiotic tourette-syndrome characterisation overall (forget about letting characters develop over time, we need to move on towards the next action set piece), hillarious miscasts, toothless, safe paper thin script with zero jeopardy, even less suspense and only one significant turn of events that one could see a mile a way (you know what I am talking about) and to put a cherry on top, complete disregard towards the films it was supposed to continue from. Same plucky rebels vs evil empire, only more juvenile and dumbed down. All that happened in between is barely touched upon, and some of it immediately disregarded pretty much a few scens after (Kylo Ren I am looking at you). This is just terrible writing. The New Hope wasn’t exactly a dramatic masterpiece either, but holy shit, at least it had a semblance of pacing and char development.

As cinema, the only moments worth mentioning were between Leia, Solo and Chewie. And that is all fanservice.

Don’t get me wrong, I give credit where it is due and loved the set design (dem late 70s ILM sci-fi interiors) and great cinematography that didn’t fall prey to idiotic CGI conventions (rarity these days). Good.
In fact, I was going to give it a solid eight straight out of the theatre, realising full well how hard it aped new hope, but really, after the initial buzz dissipated, I hardly can give it a seven, if only for visuals/sound.

I knew it was going to suck one way or another. Abrams is hack without a track record who somehow got lucky, Disney is probably worse than MCU… but, really?
Note: I am largely indifferent towards Star Wars. FA is simply a bad film that can’t even live up to the script it copies from.
In fact, you’d be kidding yourself if you’d consider this anything more than a fanservice reel.

Same shit happened with Jurassic World.

gut-reacted after seeing another death-star-like superweapon

You are either seriosly slow or have an attention span of a thirteen year old.

i knew where this was going when tthe moment they boarded the falcon.

My only real hope is that they will take it somewhere completely different the next instalment.



I was offline from the day the Star Wars VII came out just so i don’t risk spoiling myself.
So i didn’t read nor then or before that the movie is going to be a refresh.Not saying that anyone else knew.
My brother watched all the previous episodes right before the movie, but i didn’t.
I wanted to, but then i figured this way we can have a test, who will have a better experience of the film.
(He didn’t watch it…yet)

After i have seen the movie, straight up i gave it
a 6/10:

-> 5 goes to the brilliant quality of the sounds, the sets, and the acting( mind you, acting, not “the” act they are suppose to deliver on set).
-> 1 goes to the some new characters (mind you, just for “new”, not characters):

  • BB-8 - He is adorable.
    Before the movie, i bet my dad that in the film at least one character, organic, mechanic or both will kick BB-8 as a football!
    Well that didn’t happened, but i was not disappointed when Han Solo called BB-8 saying: Move ball!

-> Rey - Hey, we got a female future Jedi!Nice, nice.

-> FN-2187/Finn - Rebel born from the Dark side.That’s nice too.

-> Poe - The name is silly, but the character is good.

-> Maz - She looks funny, in a good way.

-> Kylo Ren - The guy is a badass! Until the mask came off.Then he became a stockpiled, horny, nervous teenager with daddy issues.And don’t even get me started on the way Han Solo died.

-> Snoke - Looks like a badass as well, until you hear the name. Snowflake, i mean Snooker.Pardon me, he’s name is actually Snob the Shiny Unicorn! (What the actual %$& is that name?)

-> General Hux - Hello you jolly wanker! When he’s hissing, you know he’s pissing.His pants.Because no balls.To hold his piss tank.

-> Captain Phasma - I saw her as the Big Bad Wolf! Aaaaaand then when they captured her, she became someone’s bitch.

(mind you, all three points refer to the fact that they called this new Star Wars the Episode VII, when it is primarily a reboot to gather new audiences)
-> -1 goes to the Death Star Mark III, sure it’s a planet.But it’s not the home to the First Order.Noooooo, that would be stupid.Instead it’s a laser pointer.
-> -1 another goes to the death of the Death Star Mark III.Mark I & Mark II know what you feel.
-> -1 yet another goes to the fact that i haven’t noticed not a single new lightsaber fight move.

As a standalone movie it gets that, but we still have 2 more episodes.
If episodes VIII and IX don’t come out as brand new stories, not flashbacks.My rating will drop, and drop some more.


Um dude I don’t want to rude, but if you’re gonna post spoilers, please tag this as next time.


Completely forgot about it, thx.


Nice job on taking that out of context mate, top kek.

Hmm… I’d like to point out that Rey and Finn weren’t best buds until they got on the falcon and had to hide from what they thought was the first order, which turned out to be Han Solo Character development? Yeah… Rey definitely didn’t mature at all in the movie, let’s just completely ignore her transformation from a longer scavenger to someone who has their shit together and is able to escape from a heavily guarded prison and take on a well-trained dark jedi. Or Finn, who who looked like he didn’t know what the hell he was doing and somewhat of a bitch to taking on Kylo Renn with no training and no ability with the force Yes, I knew the plot coming in, but does that make it bad? If you dislike any plot that is easy to figure out or resembles anything then I guess the entirety of MCU is an atrocity to you huh? And actually a lot is touched upon, while the scenes are fastly paced, they are strung together. Fanservice? Yes… But it seems these are just gripes that are personal taste in anything

If you’re giving it hardly a 7 then why are you so negative to it? Anything about a 6 is pretty much a decent/positive review. GG mate

It’s clear you don’t care for Star Wars, but you don’t need to. I brought my friend who had never seen Star Wars and he enjoyed every minute of it and he’s just as critical of movies as I am, so what I’m seeing is somewhat opinionated rather than factual…

Lmao the out of context insults are real, are you butthurt because I liked the movie and am a bit miffed by this what seems to be baseless rage?

And key-word being gut-reaction, that’s all I need to hear bud

Yes, the movie has similarities to episode 4, and exactly how does following what made the movies great in the first place make it bad? Star Wars has rarely been original, so I don’t care much when it borrows as long as it doesn’t do it successively.

From what I’m seeing, this whole tirade of yours seems to be on the level of Kylo Renn’s bitch fit because he didn’t get what he wanted. Your picture of the “plot” of episode 7 actually isn’t entirely accurate…

[spoiler]BB-8 didn’t carry info on the Starkiller, it carried info on Luke, which was the mguffin. star Killer was more or less a side-quest, abliet a big one.

Did you even watch the movie or are you just making these as you go? Lars wasn’t even alive when Rey came on screen, try again mate. If anything, Han Solo was the “mentor” You’re also leaving out the plot of Finn, who was actually the person who HAD info in the Starkiller base

You’re making assumptions about Renn and Rey’s relationship. While I do think they are related, I prefer to wait until it’s actually concrete of what their status is


Normally, I don’t usually use these kind of comments, but since you decided to go all OOC on me, then it’s fair game kid. Try again, rage less, it’s also better when I can read what your saying in a more comprehensible sentence because it sounds more like actual criticism than just a bitchfest

It’s just funny at how many people are upset just because the movie borrowed what made their predecessors successful, not to mention people complaining about these unanswered questions. It’s like nobody has ever heard of a trilogy before


As I said before, I honestly felt this movie felt fresh and almost entirely different from Episode IV. The only screaming similarity was Starkiller Base - and that was actually done quite a bit different from the previous two Death Stars!
A lot of Star Wars fans are hard to please, it seems. I rank this up with the original trilogy to be honest. And it could still be pushed down by the next two episodes!
Anyway, I’ll be seeing it again as soon as I can, because it was an enjoyable, emotional ride that fit right into the original Star Wars feel.

I would like to know more about the New Republic, though. They destroyed the capital planet really quickly, but I hope in Episode VIII we’ll get to see the ‘wider spectrum’ of the Universe as was seen in (yep…) the prequel trilogy. I’d like to see the Republic ships fighting the First Order and more backstory as to what happened between Episode 6 and 7.


This, Many Hard Core Star Wars fans constantly complain about anything that isn’t exactly how they imagined it, and the complaints for this movie are especially hilarious when put in retrospect

A prime example of the reactions -->

Prequel Trilogy: Who cares about trade routes and politics, make it more like the originals!
The Force Awakens: This is too similar to the originals, give us something new.

It’s lovely, especially considering how people say it’s not original when Star Wars has never ever been original.

I think that will get more detail on the Republic in Episode VIII, this movie merely set the stage, but from what I understand is the Resistance is a disgruntled faction of the Republic that felt it became weak in its effort to seek peace with the Empire. What I liked was that it left us with a lot of questions, and thus makes it feel a part of a trilogy


Honestly I’m not really a Star Wars guy. But I thought the movie was enjoyable overall. Of course I noticed the tons of similarities to IV, but I felt like it diverged enough from IV that it didn’t make it all that terrible… Other than Bigger Badder Death Star Planet and the One Who Gets Killed But I Shall Not Name Even Though It’s Absurdly Predictable. Their painfully blatant equivalences to IV were really just completely unnecessary in almost every way. I’m torn over whether the former or the latter was more unimaginative.


I knew this kind of thing would happen when watching the trailers but I liked it nonetheless. YES it had elements SIMILAR to ANH, but it also has some very stark differences, even in the plot. I think people when they saw the starkiller completely went bonkers just because it resembled the death star

TBQH, this movie is more of a reboot to the franchise, and considering how they wanted to do it right, it’s expected that they give them something familiar to pull them in, then in the next movies they can really pull out the stunts in terms of plot


Terminator 5:Genisys,007 Spectre and Mad Max Fury Road.It will be Star Wars Episode VII.


I watched some science fiction over the weekend.

Battle Beyond The Stars - 3/10
It’s a remake of Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven, in space. It has Robert Vauhn from Magnificent Seven playing the same character, in space, with very similar (if not identical) lines. The acting is mostly appalling. The special effects aren’t very special. The ship design is poor to awful. It’s a really bad movie. But it was the first movie that James Horner ever scored. I kept hearing cues that would eventually end up in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan and Krull.

Space Raiders - 5/10
They stole all of the space ship footage from Battle Beyond the Stars, as well as the score, and filmed another movie around it. Better acting and character development than BBtS. The story was ok. I was surprised at how much I remembered from it as I haven’t seen it in around 30 years.

Both movies are available on YouTube.

And oh yeah, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 9/10. It might just be the best looking movie I have ever seen. The story felt like Star Wars, it looked like Star Wars, it was fun like Star Wars, and the action was through and through Star Wars. I loved it. Great time at the movies. Didn’t even think of checking the time until right before it ended. Looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow with the nephews.


The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino sure does like the word nigger. It was a great movie though. Funny that quite a bit of the negative reviews talked about how violent the movie is as if that’s out of the ordinary for Tarantino. In the same style though it’s way over the top to the point that it’s not even really disturbing. Shame Christoph Waltz isn’t in it.


Yeah, I felt like The Hateful Eight was just another installment to the Q.T. series of movies featuring bloody gore, charged language, and racial tension.

It was nice how it followed a detective-style story, though. And the scenery was gorgeous. Some of the music choices were fabulous, but a few were distracting (looking at you, White Stripes).


I saw The Force Awakens for the second time yesterday. It’s still just as good as the first time. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to rank it yet, but if I had to my order goes