Last Film You Saw


Saw Interstellar the other day. Gotta say I didn’t get bored those 160 minutes. I enjoyed the setting of a slowly yet faster dying planet than you’d expect.

Also the thought of being isolated on a bloody ice planet as the only living being gave me the creeps

But for a film that was kind of advertised as being inspired on a real theory it kinda gets pretty weird and unrealistic at the end. Mind you, Sci-Fi films are supposed to be like that and should be as well.

But I don’t know…at one point I thought, oh geez, he and everybody else really IS f*cked! And I thought the film would pull through with this, which I thought was astounishing. But well, in the end everything was well…at least for a couple of thousand people…uhm what happend to the rest of the earth? elite exodus it is, then?
I mean it was a great story and all, kinda of a nice twist, but…um, I don’t know. left me kinda unsatisfied.

On New Year’s Eve I saw Taxi Teheran the winner of the Berlinale last year. Beautiful and funny film. And very determind as well to shoot a film like that in restrictive country like Iran. Recommended.


Yeah, pretty much.


Just watched Mysterious Skin. Singlehandedly the hardest movie to watch that I’ve ever seen. At the same time it was incredibly good. I highly recommend it if you’re up for something really heavy and graphic. Don’t want to say really any more than that, go watch it for yourself.



Gods of Egypt

10 Cloverfield Lane



400 days


Xmen Apocalypse had some problems, but I still enjoyed it. 7/10.

Olivia Munn was miscast. Falling always seemed to last forever. Professor X seemed neutered yet again.

But Wolverine was awesome, Magneto was the man, Quicksilver was cool (even though I missed his first of two scenes, I had to pee).


Alice Through The Looking Glass

Saw it at the IMAX in 3D. Visually stunning. There were so many times I wanted a remote control so I could pause the movie and look at all the details. CGI was amazing.


Star Trek Beyond was a lot of fun. I still loved the 2009 reboot more, but this was right behind it by a couple of steps.

DO NOT SEE IT IN 3D!!! They do absolutely NOTHING to utilize the technology.


episode 7 was about what I
expected, It was above average, not the train wreck the prequels were. Went in with no expectations, was happy it wasn’t bad. My “ONLY” real gripe about it was Kylo Ren. Sith are supposed to be the most feared, hard to take them serious when Kylo is being a little over emotional. Would have appreciated a little more machismo.


Kylo Ren isn’t a sith, and neither is Snoke for that matter.


I kinda hate to say it Theegoatpig, but you’ve just done a lot to redeem that movie in my eyes.


I don’t get why you hate saying that…


Cause I liked having reasons to hate the movie.


I just did a bit of googling and found out that Kylo Ren is estimated to be about 30 years old in The Force Awakens.

I was underwhelmed by Kylo Ren, but the more I thought about him, the more I thought that he was a brilliantly done character - IF he was supposed to be something like 17-20 years old. His idolization of Darth Vader, short temper, mood swings, etc. would all make sense for a teenage boy in the situation he’s in. In a way, they make him scarier, because they make him a naive kid who’s consciously chosen the path of the dark side, rather than being seduced to it.


One could make the argument that he was a naive kid who consciously chose the path of the dark side, and that he hasn’t grown emotionally or mentally in the years since as a result of it.
That said I don’t know at what age he was canonically supposed to have left Luke’s training, so…


I finally got around to watching Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

It may be the least subtle movie I’ve ever seen, but it was still actually really good.


Arrival. I wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be. It’s still a good movie, more of a think-piece than most science fiction these days, but I wanted it to be great, and it wasn’t.


Hardcore Henry.

Really great action movie, filled with shooting and fighting scenes.
And all of it from 1st person. Only weird things are some scenes and the plot itself.
Has a bunch of funny moments, too.



[spoiler]Very good movie, altogether, but the human side of it kinda fell flat. “Young girl dies of cancer” is a very boring, overused trope, and even the whole thing with nonlinear perception of time completely failed to make it interesting to me.




Drama movie about Schwarzeneggers daughter who gets bitten and slowly turns into a zombie.