Last Film You Saw


Finally got around to watching Zootopia, thought it was great.

Amazing visuals and a good message.


Yeah, interspecies marriage is A-okay!


About 18 years late, but I think Saving Private Ryan was my last movie watched.



I liked just about everything that went into the movie- government coverups! Time loops! Starfish aliens- I just wasn’t particularly impressed with what came out. That, and in between the repeated flashbacks and all the long establishing shots of people kind of just standing around, I think the film was originally only 45 minutes long.


Now You See Me

Tons of promise. Nice introduction and build-up, like any good heist thriller.

Falls apart about halfway through, then collapses in on itself as its pieces swirl around like a whirlpool. Very evidently mismanaged. All the build-up (which is fairly well done) ultimately leads nowhere. The “big twist” toward the end feels ridiculously forced and is more of a “what? oh come on, that’s stupid” moment than a “HOLY CRAP NO WAY” moment. There’s hardly any substantial plot closure to speak of. And then there’s the idiotic romance sub-plot that is incredibly forced and literally comes out of nowhere at the end.

Eh. It was all right as some free nonsense to hold me over during the plane ride, anyway. Wouldn’t recommend as something you’d actually want to pay for.


I wanted to see the aliens integrate with Earth. That was my only problem with it. I’m still glad that the movie was made though. I really like hard science fiction.


If you wanna see aliens integrating with earth, go see District 9.


I love District 9.


Favorite film of all time. Hands down.


I’ve seen “The Shawshank Redemption” recently. I really liked that one!

District 9 was amazing, I hope there will be a good sequel.


I preferred Chappie, tbh.


Just saw Rogue One, it was awesome. :smiley:






The last two minutes are one of my favorite scenes of all time.

Still debating on whether i want to go see it again because i never go twice but Rogue One is making me think i might.

The Darth Vader scene made the price of admission worth it.


Rogue one was hands down one of the best star wars movies ever. Making me reconsider my top…


My coworker invited me to go see it two weeks ago for Friday night. Sure, I’ll go. I was planning on seeing it sometime this weekend and then again at the end of the year with my nephews (10 and 13).

Then my kung fu buddy asked me to see it later today. I can’t pass up a chance to hang out with him, so I said sure.

3 times for one movie in theaters is a record for me, but those last two minutes are going to make it worth it every time. And the rest of the movie was pretty good too :smiley:


Rogue One was amazing, and I can’t wait to see it in the cinemas again ASAP.


The end of Rogue One had me grinning like a child.