Last Film You Saw


Hell or Highwater was awesome. I just wish it had an ending…


Rogue One, so much goodness.


couldn’t have been that good if all great things must come to an end


Rogue One. Because I knew what was coming I was kinda prepared. But I still wanted it to not go exactly how it did. Wow… that was a great spinoff!


It’s one of my favorite Star Wars movies by far.
Really liked the dark ending.


I’m honestly a bit torn on the ending.

I really really enjoyed all of it, but at the same time I’m kinda predisposed to hate “everyone dies”, so I’m not sure what to think. I do, at the very least, feel like they may’ve wasted some really good characters.


Why do you think the characters are wasted? They couldn’t really have lived, as there was no mention of them in the OT and they wouldn’t have added them in anywhere in the future really. I thought it was the only way to do the story, and it really brings forth the struggle against the Empire is full of huge pits, but also huge heights (like blowing up the death star!) We needed a dark movie to show this struggle, and acquiring the death star plans? That deserves to be full of loss and emotion.

My two cents!


[spoiler]What I really liked with the ending was that it was unexpected. We are introduced to our “heroes” during the course of the movie and I totally expected them all to live, like they tend to do in all the other Star Wars movies. Except for maybe 1 death of a side character.

Like when they send the datafiles to the spaceships, and the death star blows the whole station up, I sat there wondering “ok, how are they gonna escape that?” Expecting them to escape, because that’s usually what happens in the Star Wars movies, the heroes are bulletproof and cannot die.

But instead, they look at each other, realising there is no way out and burns instantly by a gigantic wall of fire.
And even a jedi (or something similar), dying to stormtroopers. Sure elite stormtroopers but still stormtroopers.

It made the movie a lot more realistic in the sci fi world it exists in, for me.[/spoiler]


I remember being in the theater when the original star wars came out. If you remember, the very first film (# iv) it was around the plot of getting the map of the death star to the right people.

In the end, a very specific comment was made about how difficult it was to get, and the repercussions.

So yeah, I was prepared but it still stung.


As I said, I’m just kinda predisposed to dislike things that are darker and edgier, so I get all confused when I encounter a movie that does it so well.


One beef I have with Episode IV is that the actor they got to play old Obi-Wan doesn’t really resemble Ewan McGregor all that well.

Can I just say that I got chills when the Mr. Organa character (whom I recognized to be Leia’s adoptive father [of Alderaan]) said that he had someone in mind to take the plans, and he’d trust her with his life? It’s a big roundabout irony arc, and it makes the destruction in Ep IV a lot more painful that they didn’t get the plans through in time to save it


You mean that the actor they chose for the prequels didn’t resemble Alec Guinness (Episode IV) very well. After all, the prequels were made after, so it’s not Episode IV’s fault!


Here is Tiki’s joke.

Here is ArcHammer’s head.


So I saw The Lobster yesterday.

It’s a quite recent film, but until yesterday I hadn’t heard from it. It’s very well cast, too: Colin Farrell, Léa Seydoux, John C. Reilly, Rachel Weisz…

The premise of this film goes like this: In a dystopian future noone is allowed to be single. Everybody has to have a partner to be in love with. If you are or become a single you are sent to a hotel where you have 40 days (I think) to find a new partner. I you fail to do that you are transformed into an animal of your choice. However you can earn extra days by hunting down (with a tranqulizer gun) singles whom have fled the hotel. These fled singles are transformed into animals nobody wants to be.

The following doesn’t really give anything a away from it’s core story, but as I enjoyed discovering these things throughout the film, I’ll put it in spoiler tags.

So, this film is a love story. A very peculiar and unconventinal one, as you already might have guessed. I really liked the quirky premise of this film and Colin Farrell and all the other actors are doing a great job of transporting this very awkward and uptight society. Because when it comes to find a new partner at the hotel there is not much flirting involed. Everybody is very cold and cooled down. Instead they are trying to find a perfect match by looking at “personal characteristics”. There is, for example, this guy with a limp, so he’s hoping to find someone with a limp, too. Or this girl whose nose is bleeding regularly, so a perfect match would be someone with a bleeding nose.
It’s all very absurd, but filled with a lot of very dry humour. Yet, if you think about the mechanics behind onlinedating websites, as they try to match you with others, it may not be so far fetched. Apart from the animal transformation, that is.

I really really enjoyed this film and genuinely laughed hard at some points. Big recommendation!


Ok fine, I didn’t detect the sarcasm via text this time. Usually I’m able to do it, but hey - there’s so many stupid people on the internet the lines can get blurred sometimes!


Okay, I’m jumping on the Rogue One bandwagon. I saw it twice in two days.

In short, it was quite good. The beginning had a few issues regarding clarity about what is going on in some of the early scenes… but the movie sorted itself out really quickly, so that didn’t end up being a problem overall. My only other minor gripe is the cheesy dialogue in some parts, but it’s a Star Wars movie… so we can easily cut it some slack there.

The final act was damn well done. That’s really all that needs to be said. It was damn well done.

Not the greatest movie ever. But still really quite good, damn well worth the money and time, and easily the best Star Wars prequel, by far. Heh.

[spoiler]As for the discussion regarding everyone dying, I actually felt that was the only way they could have done it. And they did it really well. As a Halo nerd, I would be committing a crime if I didn’t compare the movie to Halo: Reach, where all of the “new” hero characters also die to pave the way for what’s to come in the first installment of the series… this is exactly that kind of story. By the beginning of the final act, you know that the stakes are incredibly high, and perhaps a quarter of the way into the final act, you know that the heroes are going to die. I see it as a “passing the torch from those who came before, to the heroes that started it all” kind of prequel, just like Halo: Reach.

And die they did… heroically, doing what they did for the greater good, all of them going out as badasses. Not a single one of their lives was wasted, in my opinion.

Plus, having them live would cause problems with the fact that you know they don’t appear in any of the later movies, despite how critical they were to the Rebel Alliance. So there really wasn’t much of a “cost” to their deaths from a storytelling point of view, but their deaths did have a lot to offer in terms of emotional impact and escalation of the stakes at hand.[/spoiler]


IMO, there are plenty of ways they could have sent off some of the characters safely… But I totally agree that they all got fantastic deaths, so I can hardly complain. It’s probably better this way, being honest.


So, I saw it over New Years with my aunt, and aside from her continually asking ‘who the black guy was’ Grand Moff Tarkin it fell somewhere between damn good and pretty awesome. The WWII-style aesthetic of the Rebels was pretty cool, especially when in previous films I always found them rather bland, everything associated with the Empire was awesome as usual, and more importantly this is the film that actually managed to get us genuinely emotionally invested in a couple of no-name Marines playing hot potato with a hard drive. Also, especially after the first act I was glad to see it move away from the junk-shop aesthetic that was everywhere in TFA- there’s only so much interest you can get out of people in ridiculous hats.


Wait, Grand Moff Tarkin is black? ?(


The CGI for Tarkin wasn’t amazing, but I don’t remember it being that bad.