Last Film You Saw


Well I wouldn’t call it not amazing, I mean, you have to admit that it was bloody good. But to re-create a human, with many wrinkles and blemishes as well, and have him realistically talk and move around and converse with a real person - well, they couldn’t get it perfect could they? Still think it was technically ‘amazing’ - we’re just not completely there yet.


The problem with the CGI was the uncanny valley effect, whereby the closer you get to realism the more the brain rejects it.

Leia was better because she only said 1 word and disappeared.


Yeah, that’s the phrase I was looking for.


Leia has a pretty normal face.

Tarkin was a flippin’-unusual looking guy, Peter Cushing has a really stand-out bone structure… Maybe we only believed his appearance in 1977 because there was more grain to the film and no such thing as CGI back then.

Apparently! Red Leader and Gold Leader were also digitally reanimated. I didn’t notice any CGI to them without knowing their actors were already dead or ancient, so I guess the technology has matured!


Yeah, sorry. Most people of consequence here know that I’m an old-timer.


Having read other people complaining about the CGI I was expecting it to be much worse than it was. There was really only one bit towards the end where his movements were a little too smooth for me; other than that I had no problems with it whatsoever.

My aunt, apparently, referred to him as “the black guy” because of his uniform, despite it actually being dark gray.


Red and Gold leader were not CGI. They were unused footage from the original 1977 film that the director found in LucasFilm storage and put to task.


Oh. Well how 'bout them apples!

I need someone to CGI people I don’t know, now, to see if my eye can actually be fooled.

Yeah, sorry. Most people of consequence here know that I’m an old-timer.


That’s because there was no CGI involved. They just found some generic-looking unused footage from Episode IV and recycled them into the scene.


I beat you by two posts.




Rogue One. I watched it with my brother and a friend and we enjoyed it a lot.




Midnight Special. I have no idea what that was, but I think I get what it was doing, and maybe I liked it? I’m confused…


I’m way too late but I watched Rogue One a couple days ago.

My family didn’t like it as much as me as they wanted to see some more well-known characters, I liked it a lot though, aside from some nitpickings.


Finally watched Arrival.

I came in expecting a good, well-made, intelligent movie (based on word of mouth), and got exactly that.

Would absolutely recommend. Unless you prefer mindless action-y types of movies. In which case, I would absolutely not recommend.


I really liked it, too. Did you know that the director Denis Villeneuve is directing the new Blade Runner 2049? I am always somewhat in doubt about sequels, but after finding out who the director is I actually got pretty excited about it.


Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel.


Two (very different) movies in the past two days, because why not.

Moana – Way better than I was expecting. Very Broadway material, etc. Because that’s the typical kind of thing Disney likes to do with their princess movies. A+ for wonderful scenery, and A++ for beautifully drinkable-looking water. Makes me want to go back and visit Hawaii again.

Hacksaw Ridge – I went in out of pure curiosity more than anything else. The story it told is unbelievable, yet apparently actually true? Crazy. Medal of Honor war hero stories always seem larger than life, even in their official documentation. Incredible what this guy did. (Though on the other hand, I’m really sick of movies where soldiers pull grenade pins with their teeth… and where nobody ever needs to reload, ever. But I guess we can think of that as a way to make up for the fact that the main character is completely unarmed? Yeah let’s go with that.)


So true… the water just looked so great, and the textures for everything were so crispy. Mmm. Good job Disney.