Last Film You Saw


A Star is born. Can’t get enough of the soundtrack. I thought I was gonna go goo goo for gaga’s songs, but I am pleasantly surprised at Bradley Cooper’s Rock Country voice and guitar work.

If you are bored, take a listen to this example:


Dangerous minds 1995


The Shape of Water. Very much a Guillermo Del Toro film, and possibly his best (fighting with Pan’s Labyrinth). Fantastic film ery much worth a watch, as long as some nudity and a small but potent amount of violence and gore don’t put you off.


American Assassin - Watched it last night. VERY good movie.


Saw “Den of Thieves”, WOW what a surprise. This movie from start to finish was INTENSE. Perfect casting all around here.


Some stuff to watch if you’re bored over the Holidays.
“At First Light” - Despite the mediocre reviews I enjoyed it. Decent sci-fi.
“Searching” - had me guessing
“The Captain (Der Hauptmann)” - Germany at the end of WW2 was not all sauerkraut and schnitzel
" The Domestics" - apocalyptic pR0n

on the tube
The Sinner


Not a huge Bruce Willis fan as a lot of his films are hit and miss, lets be honest here, he’s no Nic Cage. However, I just got done watching Death Wish, the Eli Roth remake with ol Bruce. Even though the critics hated it… this movie was from start to finish AWESOME.


The last two nights I watched Firewalker and Flash Gordon because both of them have Melody Anderson in lead roles, and are both perfect 80s cheese movies.


Watched Venom, strong B+
The new Predator movie is not as bad as Life. I enjoyed it for what it was.
Check out the new trailer for Us


I remember Firewalker! Loved that one


Bird Box on Netflix
Do yourself a favor and just watch it , aka don’t read about or view trailers.
Sandra Bullock is back!!!