Last Film You Saw


A Star is born. Can’t get enough of the soundtrack. I thought I was gonna go goo goo for gaga’s songs, but I am pleasantly surprised at Bradley Cooper’s Rock Country voice and guitar work.

If you are bored, take a listen to this example:


Dangerous minds 1995


The Shape of Water. Very much a Guillermo Del Toro film, and possibly his best (fighting with Pan’s Labyrinth). Fantastic film ery much worth a watch, as long as some nudity and a small but potent amount of violence and gore don’t put you off.


American Assassin - Watched it last night. VERY good movie.


Saw “Den of Thieves”, WOW what a surprise. This movie from start to finish was INTENSE. Perfect casting all around here.


Some stuff to watch if you’re bored over the Holidays.
“At First Light” - Despite the mediocre reviews I enjoyed it. Decent sci-fi.
“Searching” - had me guessing
“The Captain (Der Hauptmann)” - Germany at the end of WW2 was not all sauerkraut and schnitzel
" The Domestics" - apocalyptic pR0n

on the tube
The Sinner