Learning to code?

I’m seeking a cheap and effective means of learning how to work on the Source Engine’s C++ code, possibly to do modifications to npc_combine_s states, or more rote things like fixes to support more dynamic lights or adding CSS style bullet penetration/the SLAM mine from HL2DM to HL2. I have basically zero knowledge in programming, but I have worked with Source I/O in maps for many years, which my mate says is effectively a visual representation of coding. Where would be a good place to start?

I don’t have much experience with working with Source, but for C++ the bar-none IDE is MS’ Visual Studio, it doesn’t mean you can’t use other IDEs, Notepad++ can work too. Provided you have it set up correctly. If I were you I’d still learn Visual Studio, especially if you want to go into the gaming industry, its pretty much the industry standard there.


^ Use those. They’re invaluable.

That’s about all I can say. If someone wants to explain further about working with source, I’ll turn it over.