Life on Mars?

I created a video here, showing some possible evidence of Life and Water on Mars here:

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Oh and to add, if you knew anything about Mars to begin with you would already know that water has been found there it’s just that microorganisms haven’t. Before you make conspiracies, get your facts straight.

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I watched that video about Mars and i’m ashamed I have because it must have been researched by a two year old. Like I said… learn your facts before you post nonsense. I’m done posting stuff in your ridiculous threads.

Is your home on Mars?

I’d like to see you try and explain how plant-like life is possible on a planet without an atmosphere.

Oh no… not this shit again.

btw “bio-life” (in the video) is a pretty ridiculous term

it basically means “life-life”

According to the very respected and credible hypothesis of Panspermia, there is water on mars because we all came from mars (this isn’t actually a joke.)

"[i]Panspermia does not necessarily suggest that life originated only once and subsequently spread through the entire Universe, but instead that once started, it may be able to spread to other environments suitable for replication. Opponents of the idea that life originated on Mars, and came to Earth on meteorites, have always been able to point to the huge impacts needed to eject rocks from the Martian surface. Surely, they argue, this would have killed any life they carried. Not so, says a study of the forces involved.

Rocks can be ejected when a giant meteorite impact sends an intense pressure wave across the surface of a planet. To see if microbes could withstand these pressures, Dieter Stoffler at the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics in Freiburg, Germany, and his team put thin layers of microbes between two sheets of gabbro, a rock similar to the coarse-grained basalts found on Mars. They then detonated a mix of explosives on a steel plate on top of the rock, generating shock waves that subjected the microbes to pressures of up to 50 gigapascals, the equivalent of 500,000 …[/i]"

Basically, meteorites crashed into mars, picked up plenty of microscopic organisms and molecules, and then landed on Earth, where the two would finally mature and life was instead produced on Earth. There’s more to it, but not that I can remember off the top of my head; Google Panspermia.

I heard that the rovers sent to Mars are never built to return back to Earth? Why the fuck not? If there happens to be martians there and they see all the rubbish we’ve left on their planet, we are screwed.

It’s a long trip, and they send transmissions – no need for them to come home.

…And on the off-chance that you’re not joking, life isn’t quite sustainable on Mars.

Though life on Mars might be hard to get through, I remember seeing something on Discovery Channel; A few pictures of small unicellular organisms or something living under rocks and so forth on Mars.

Obviously, but his contention about advanced lifeforms having mental breakdowns about us leaving stuff there is silly.

So forth if Panspermia is correct, or even real as a hypothesis there would have to be some life on mars to suggest that we originated from. If life that small can survive an meteor ride, than it’s less surprising that it exists on Mars. Basically, it doesn’t say much for the surface of mars being able to sustain advanced forms of life, yet.

Mars has a much thicker atmosphere than what Nasa says, get a telescope, learn some science, gain some Intelligence and you’ll see.


Advanced life forms on Mars, capable of achieving any sort of normal size…

We’ve already found life on Mars.

Major Tom found him and the spiders of Mars right before he lost contact with Ground Control.
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