Loading zone not working in Surface Tension


I’ve played through most of the Surface Tension level, but after the fight against the ATV I got stuck. After some dicking around without finding a way to go, I looked it up on the internet and appearently there is supposed to be a loading zone just infront of the large gate that doesn’t trigger for me… Is there any way to “force” the loading zone?

Mapname is: bm_c2a5d at: -2013 x, 4258 y, -511 z
Position is: -2013.132568 4258.895996 -511.968750;setang -3.933105 3.126833 0.000000


It doesn’t trigger on its own. In that location there’s a room on the left. There’s a hole in one of the windows. You go in and press the button on the wall.


Wow, I feel really stupid now -.- Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:


No problem.