Low FPS and in game lags

Hello !

I am experiencing a very laggy game since few weeks whichs makes it unplayable.
There are some ingame freezes every 2 seconds continuously with an average of 9 FPS.

This is my computer config:
Intel core i7
Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M
Windows 10 64x

I am posting here by my last resort.
I have completely restored my comptuer, reinstalled many times the game, and still it’s the only game that have those lags every other game works fine.

All my drivers are updated, and I even tried to play the game with the minimal graphics still the same lags… I have finished the game many times few months ago and it used to work perfectly fine with a lower config (8GB of ram and an older Harddrive) and have no idea why i have this problem now…

Have you got any idea why is it like that now ?
Is there any program that is maybe not installed through steam that I can check ?

Thank you !

Your video setup doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements.
The minimum specs call for a 2 GB Dedicated Video Card or Greater.
You might want to login to the Crowbar Collective channel on Discord and inquire there. That’s the main site for troubleshooting and they had asked for input from people with lower end systems.

I know this is the official Black Mesa forums, however they usually hang out over at the Steam forums as well as Discord.

Could you perhaps post your problem at either of those places?