Magnum and crossbow. They have a same zoom


System configuration:
OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit.
Processor: i5-3570, 4 cores, 3,4-3,8 GHz.
Video card: Radeon R9 280 3Gb.
RAM: 16 Gb. 2 sticks of 8.
SSD for OS and HDD for game included.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a game.
  2. Find a magnum and crossbow.
  3. Compare their zooms.

Expected result: crossbow with optics and magnum have a different zoom.

Actual result: crossbow with optics and magnum have a same zoom.

Priority: major.


done that way by design


Man, how COOL is this?


It’s also still being designed. You probably did not know this but the game is in Early Access and is not finished yet.


I’m NOT trying to mock. It’s OK. Even triple A projects have a lot of bugs, believe me I know…


Saying this is a major priority is a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think?


You can’t use a crossbow on a long distance… and that is about game mechanics. So, I suppose it’s OK. Should be major. But it is not critical or blocker because you can complete a game. I have my suspicions. Let developer to decide.

And by the way I’am not here to mock, bite or blame someone. Just trying to help.


This is fixed in the current internal Xen build. The Crossbow zooms a lot farther now.


Great. Thank you! Should be useful.