Main menu background


So recently i have decided to play Black Mesa all over again, you know before Xen comes out.
I have deleted all my saves and started a new game, but what I noticed is that even tho my saves are deleted, the background in the main menu keeps changing to a diffrent one every time I open the main menu. For example, on my new saves I didn’t fight the military yet but the background sometimes changes to one where there is military people walking around. It’s not a game-breaking problem but it just really annoys me, it’s like spoilers to something you already played! I would appriciate if someone helped me so the background matches my new saves.



The number of chapters you have played through is stored in a console variable called sv_unlockedchapters. This determines the number of chapters that will be unlocked in the new game menu. It also controls the selection of the background maps that will be randomly played on the menu screen.

Since you have already played through the entire game, this variable will be set to 15.

In order to reset it, follow this procedure:

  1. Launch Black Mesa and load a saved game or start a new game.

  2. Open the console by pressing the tilde “~” key (you must first enable the console if you haven’t done so already by going into Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced… and check ‘Enable developer console (~)’).

    Alternatively, you can add -console to Black Mesa’s launch options (right click Black Mesa in the Steam Library, under the General tab, click ‘Set launch options…’). Black Mesa will then start with the console already opened at the menu screen.

  3. In the console, type sv_unlockedchapters 1

  4. After you have typed the command, quit Black Mesa.

  5. Wait for Steam Cloud sync to finish.

  6. If you added -console to the launch options, you can now remove it again.

  7. Start Black Mesa and load your most recent saved game.

sv_unlockedchapters should now be set to whatever chapter you were currently at, and the background maps will follow your current progress.

I hope this helps.