Map Updated Jan 2017 dm_nightmare_church_bm_rc5 - Horror Theme


Map Download Link:

Name: dm_nightmare_church_bm_rc1 (HD Map)
Made By: gtamike_TSGK
Map Type/Main Focus: Deathmatch

For Server admins (Fast DL .BZ2 File)

Have Fun and drop a comment =)


Couldn’t wait for you to finish the port faster, but the wait paid off :smiley: .

A great map as always & very nicely ported :thumbup:


Map looks cool but I think you should not use too many different respawn times. I suggest the following: healthpacks, batteries, LJ-modules, rechargers -> 30 seconds weapons and ammo -> 20 seconds (HLDM and AG default timings)… thinking about egon I would either place it in a narrow area which is hard to move through or place only very few ammo near it. Personally I’m not a fan of unnecessary complicating item-timings (in reflex, quake, unreal and Half-Life I always timed items by feel) and I think respawn timings should always be the same in every map to avoid confusion… I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if egon respawned each 30 seconds, but really I’d much rather like to see standardized item timings… edit: haven’t played the map yet, but maybe it was better to place less weapons or less ammo in some areas instead of using many different individual respawn times. Also more than 30 seconds respawn time is way too much for any item… But maybe Egon + 2 ammoclips could be an exception if it was easy to reach for the player.


I assure you I have put much thought and care into the weapons/items spawn times, placement and the amount to make sure everything is extremely well balance.
The map dm_airfusion has a very similar weapons/items spawn times that works/flows very well and keeps gameplay fun.

If everyone picks up the tau or gluon and ammo_energy every 15sec, the players will just camp that area as it’s the most powerful weapons for easy kills constantly. (We’ve seen this happen too much in maps)
This is why weapon balance has to be put into place by the mappers. Not only does it keep the flow going with people running around in a map, it makes the experience more enjoyable. (Assures players are not going to exploit the powerful weapons to)
Also note that players drop ammo packs on death.

40mins Map Gameplay Video:


dm_nightmare_church_bm_rc4 (Nov 2016)


Main update: Most weapons and ammo have a Ghostly Green effect they are alot more easy to see now. Green skin health kits and custom armour batterys that flicker. Moved the Ghost trail to show a new way to get on the church roof plus improved ghost trail effects. If you survive the trap your player model will be a Ghost. The Trap button is alot more visible. Removed trigger_push from confession box teleport. Disabled weapon spawn effect. The healing grave sets max health to 125hp. The healing grave now recharges player armour at 1% per sec. Fixed the Grenade box for Linux servers. The first aid Health station will charge the player to 125hp max even if the player has 100hp. The Health hit on the secret ladder is now temp disabled on map spawn till triggered. Added: Bicycle model to help the player walk into a jump scare better. Added: Redeemed sound for trap Added: player chat Redeemed text Added: a hat model the player can wear (Even if player dies) that only spawns once per match. Added: Player clipped the Zombie on the fountain so the player can jump on it to get higher up. Added: More Grenades on player spawn (max 3) Added: Rope Ladders X2. Added: GLUON INBOUND Text Added: GLUON AVAILABLE Text Added: GLUON TAKEN Text Updated: The Super charger feature and model to lost base version. Updated: The Player spawn system has been updated to lost base version. Changed: The sign text to a ghostly effect. Changed: The photo frame picture in the bedroom. Changed: The Sign text to have a ghost effect. Changed: The item_weapon_satchel respawn from 45sec to 25sec. Extra: item_weapon_snark x3. Extra: item_grenade_rpg x1. Extra: item_grenade_mp5 x1. Extra: item_weapon_satchel x1. Extra: Small Health Vial x5.


I’ve updated the map, this is probably the last version.

Name: dm_nightmare_church_bm_rc5 (HD Horror Map)
Map Type/Main Focus: Deathmatch

Enjoy, I know I did making it :smiley:


WHY must nothing be simple on Linux?!

This map looks absolutely gorgeous. - I’ve downloaded it as well as forwarded it to a few friends.

Sadly I’m getting an error extracting; but I’m sure it’s a Ubuntu issue and I’m trying to figure out what :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But keep up the good work, gtamike! I’ll be sure to take some screenshots for my profile in-game :}

EDIT: I hate you. > :frowning:


Why not upload it to the steam workshop instead of using gamebanana?


I tired many times but seems to fail to upload for some reason.
Here’s a screenshot:
Also I tired to upload the map loading screens file with the map and well here’s a video about that problem to:

I’ll try again at some point maybe it was just some bad luck lol


The vpk.exe has a filesize limit.
So make one .vpk with the maps folder and one .vpk for the materials folder.

Then put both .vpks in the folder where you upload your mod and use the black mesa publish tool.

For my resource pack for the A Spy in a Madmans way, I have:

I have one .vpk for each of the maps in my maps package too.


Ok thanks, i’ll give it another shot tomorrow then.


I’ve got it up on the workshop now: