Master Freeman Artwork

Took a few hours to make in Gordon looks bad ass in spartan armor!

  1. Master Freeman->

Do to popularity, I made another piece called Assassin’s Craft. This was also made on

  1. Assassin’s Craft->

Dr.Awesomesauce’s request for angry birds and dead space. Enjoy :wink:

  1. Dead Birds->

This is unlocked with a kill streak over 30.

  1. Call Of Katamari->

  2. Chell in hazard suit-> coming soon.

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I see it.


Günther Frontlawn

GORDAN doesn’t need to heer all this!

a FEW hours? you took your time i see

Gruntmough Fürher

Oh yes, in fact it took me over 5 hours of non-stop work since I got home from school to 9:00 at night and listening to knife party on Pandora the whole time. I meant to upload a speed art video of the whole process to youtube, however it took too long for the video to encode. Anyone know a good screen capture software that can record this long other than cam studio?

Any request? Someone said I should combine Kingdom Hearts and Mass Effect. hmmmmm… interesting.

Angry Birds and Dead Space :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see Angry Birds and Half Life 2. A red bird being held by the gravity gun and Gordon at a chalkboard trying to figure out just the right angle to get the pigs in one shot. :wink:

Well, he is a physicist.

Theoretically, of course.

Chell in a hazard suit?

Working on this right now. Chell in hazard suit is next :wink:

broken link can’t see it. shame i was interested in what was there.

Glendar Frochmen

hey, links decided to work, that assassins craft is quality.