Max Payne 3


I agree, i my opinion, they just messed up Max Payne, i was a fan of the first two games, but this one looks horrible, plus i hate Payne’s new look.

The fuck. Max Payne is supposed to be a film noir. That looks more like Die Hard 4.

and Max looks suspiciously like some guy from Iron Man movie.

And yet these guys have a fucking nerve to say that film noir is not about night and megapolis

Wait, is this Max Payne 3 or Splinter Cell Conviction?, I can’t really tell the difference. The concept is interesting, but it would work better as a totally new game because this doesn’t resemble the first two in the slightest, besides the bullet time mechanics. I do agree with them on trying to evolve the series instead of rehashing the old games with new visuals, similar to what Ubi is doing with the SC franchise. Having said this, I’m not going to jump on the “OMG THIS SUX!!!” bandwagon just yet, Rockstar very rarely releases a bad game so i’ll wait and see where this goes.

yet they are not making Max Payne this time…


That is all.

^your not alone, son

Uhh, yes they are. Their Vancouver Studios are developing it.

need you take it so literally?

My point there was while it’s okay for another game, it’s not Max fucking Payne anymore…
EDIT: crap I’ve confused the whole shit up

What the fuck are you talking about.

MP1&MP2 were developed by Remedy.

Great, they’ve turned the detective into a bum.

It’s a shame!

ah, come on, let R*G do this and wait til the game is out.
give the game a chance.

I love the preconcieved conviction some people hold against the game, based almost entirely on how Max Payne (assuming that character is him) looks.

The most revolutionary aspect of Max Payne has always been the ability to tell a good story with plenty of grit, and the gameplay has always been uncompromising. I trust in Rockstar to deliver exactly what the fans want. (The real fans, that is… not 15 year olds who want to pretend they’re playing a good Matrix game)

Remember, whilst Rockstar only ported the first game to consoles, they actually co-developed the second game. They never disappoint.

Still, max looks like a total bum, he kinda reminds me of Sam Fisher from splinter cell double agent, this game’s going to blow.

I want to point out that I really waited for another noir york. This is just another Starnglehold/GTA/Uncharted to me.

he looks like a fag O_o I mean he is so ugly i want just hit him in the face, shave that bear for fucks sake if you are already shaving your head …

Well here, he actually looks like Max from MP2. I was fuck yeah! when I saw that. then, I watched other artwork. I just wish I didn’t

and one thing, who do all ppl that have been throught something need to be bald and have a beard ? wtf