Metal Gear: Ground Zero


I’ve been hearing conflicting information about this. That it’s going to be a new game or that it’s just a tech demo for Kojima’s new Fox Engine. Some sources are saying that it’s just Metal Gear and others are having the Solid in there as well. It’s supposedly going to be still a prequel that takes place after 3. Open world seems to be part of it also. The link above is a description of some gameplay from it. There’s also supposed to be 30 minutes of gameplay uploaded at some point today.

While I kind of wish they would just let Metal Gear (Solid) die as 4 I felt was a nice conclusion, I’m pretty excited.

Edit: A pic from the coming gameplay video.

Kojima has said that this is running on a PC “similarly equipped to a PS3” and will be running on current gen systems. Either he’s full of shit or he’s a wizard.


Kojima is a wizard. But lets make a serious estimate how much of the game is playable.
The last MGS game I played had a full 15 minutes of game play sandwiched between 38 hours of dialogue and video.


Here’s the footage


Those rain effects… :awesome:


Is it just me or is rain the new, hey look at these graphics effect?


I’m tempted to say the opening is prerendered but apparently it’s all in game. I know it’s running on PC, I just hope that they actually release it on PC. If it’s in game it does look fantastic though. I haven’t gotten to the gameplay yet, the video is still loading for me.


So was that Big Boss or Old Snake?


I was hoping for more gameplay footage. I thought it was going to be a gameplay trailer :frowning: . The gameplay, the little there was, looked as good as the cutscene parts though.


Leaked gameplay footage.


Snake pulls out holomap
that zoom in

I want a better quality video of the gameplay :frowning: .

Edit: And just like Watch_Dogs, I do not believe in the slightest that this will be able to run on consoles, but the developers are promising it. There’s no PC logo at the end but I really hope it’s released for it.


Not at full rez anyway. I have a feeling that this was only running on PC so they could play it on a huge theater screen.




Hopefully it actually comes out on PC. The end of the promo video only lists 360 and PS3.

Looks fucking awesome.


longer gameplay


I do find it hard to believe that the PS3 or Xbox 360 could run that even close to those settings, but it does look fantastic. I hope it’s really coming on next gen consoles or PC instead of 360/PS3.


Two words.


Boy, the plot is gonna suck so hard.
And big boss using the ultra-hightech map holo in the 80s while Old Snake was still uses LCDs in 2014. But yeah, it’s not like they had ultra-advanced metal gears during the 70s in the previous title that make REX and RAY look like plush toys… oh, wait…

Oh well, brace yourselves for another slice of MGS: Clone Wars prequel saga. In this episode, watch how Snake Skywalker becomes Darth Bo… really, MGS is now little more than functionally retarded fantasy epic.

Amazing how after three stabs at the proverbial post-GotP turkey, the best they can come up with is Metal Gaiden Rising and more canon rape.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong - FOX engine does look super cool and ultra high-tech and everything.
P.P.S. I really hope what we saw so far is just a technical demo.


^ I do like the idea of an open-world stealth game. It’s an idea that’s long overdue. Let’s just hope that action routes are tough as nails to encourage stealthy play. As for the story- was that Major Zero who visited Chico?



I sure hope not. Also, how is chico still a dipshit kid when snake is already grey?


Well, Hot Coldman is dead, right? I’m just prattling off bald guys in the canon that I can think of.
Plus, the Pain blew up with a suicide vest. So yeah. Of course, I haven’t played Portable Ops so I have no idea what Gene looks like.

Interesting that Paz and Chico are going to figure into the game. Presumably this means Amanda might be back as well? Not to mention Cecile. I mean, Cecile was only in Peace Walker for a brief time and seemed rather ancillary to the game’s plot, which always struck me as weird.


Wait, you actually remember those lame excuses for characters? :expressionless:
I simply refuse to even consider them canon, along with those shit-for-brains plots in both MGS portables.

It just pisses me off now that this AIDS reached the big titles.