Metal Gear: Ground Zero


Well this is exiting. I also can’t wait until the PC version is confirmed (again) so I can rest my fears about that.


Thus it’s Big Boss/Naked Snake… Kojima says it’s Solid though


The new twist must be that Solid Snake is a time traveler!

Anyways, I’m sure that it will get cleared up soon. It’s probably a communication problem.


In the former footage, it was clearly an old dude with the tape over his right eye and the same face as Big Boss, thus him- the naked snake.

Then people asked who is that, and Kojima answered it’s Solid Snake but he is still young, and it was just a result of lighting reflections or something.

Thus I say, the guy has lost it.
EDIT: might be a mistake from journalists, they fuck up everything all the time


Where, you dork?


The rim lights turning hair to grey is just nonsense, even in the dark.


Rim lights is plausible.
Fill lights and key lights from the front (leave alone in complete shadows) - bullshit.

They fucked with sub-surface scattering too much


The only time Kojima mentioned Solid was when he said ‘“We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots”’ in regards to an MGS5. This is not MGS5. So, if he really meant Solid Snake, it’s definitely not with this game.


The former statement of Kojima and this might have confused me, obviously gamespot has it wrong.


Well thats what I meant, the rim lights dont account for the rest of the image which isnt over exposed.


Taking gamespot words at face value and not being able to deduct at the most primitive level. kay


Not to mention Solid Snake’s sneaking suits had a different design than Big Boss’s sneaking suits. The suit in the images floating around all resemble the suit from MGS3.


The MGS3 sneaking suit looked more ridged, almost like an EVA suit, honestly.

These look more similar to Peace Walker’s Sneaking Suit.


Soviet Sneaking suit and EVA suit are actually the same models - Snake outright tells that to Sigint.


Ah, must have missed that Codec call.

“Gah! Is everyone hooked up with the Major strange?!?”


‘suddenly I got this irresistible urge to get inside’

Still fresh. Finished my playthrough of Subsistence a couple days ago.
You can see that he went all out in those codecs, despite MGS3 being intentionally simple.


Well cause I remember the first or second time I played MGS3, and I wanted to listen to every single Codec call in the game. So I sat there, first area of the game, for a good hour or half an hour just listening to Codec calls. I even skipped the unimportant ones that just basically tell you how to shoot your gun and stuff like that and it still took me about an hour. Just in that first area after getting the backpack.


Yeah and the fact is, it is impossible in one playthrough. Fucking XM16e1 below the bridge.


Yup, the Boss has item descriptions too, not just SIGINT.


The matter is, stuff he says to Sigint contradicts what he hears from the boss, and XM16e1 is the only item it happens with.