Missing Textures in a Map

Hey Dev Team,

I found I few missing textures in one of the maps (all graphics settings).

Here's the data:

hostname: Black Mesa
version : 100001/24 100001 insecure
map : bm_c4a1b at: -11944 x, -3493 y, 9506 z
tags :
players : 1 humans, 0 bots (1 max)
edicts : 1657 used of 4096 max
# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr
# 4 “VRG” STEAM_ID_PENDING 01:01 20 0 active loopback

setpos -11944.493164 -3493.765625 9506.722656;setang -3.854493 175.3799

Full Low Grphics:
Full High Graphics:

Also, this bugs at the start of the last map of the game (couldn’t get map or position data because the console wouldn’t open). This is the start of the map where we first meet the exploding hound-eyes :smiley:


Thank you!