Multi-monitor numbered assignments?


Hey folks!

Normally, I Google my computer issues but I’m not even sure WHAT to Google in this case.

I have a three-monitor setup and I’m using Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The monitors are set up in a line from left to right, with the larger monitor in the center with two auxiliary monitors on the left and right of it, and the center monitor is assigned as the main display so all my games appear on the large monitor.

Windows likes to fuck with the numbered assignments and I don’t want it to. Sometimes the monitor on the left is monitor 2, sometimes it’s monitor 3, sometimes it’s monitor 1. And the same goes for the other display on the right. How do I stop Windows from constantly reassigning the numbers?

Normally, it’s not a problem as the orientation of the desktop is never affected; I can always go all the way from the left side of the left monitor to the right side of the right monitor without a hitch. However, a program I run is hard coded to appear on, say monitor 2. It’s a dock program so that I can launch regularly used programs, and the dock is usually hidden off screen until I hover the mouse cursor on that edge.

However, since it’s hard coded to appear on monitor 2, sometimes that monitor is the left monitor, sometimes it’s the right monitor, sometimes it’s the middle monitor. I want the dock to always appear on the left monitor. How do I stop Windows from reassigning the monitor numbers?


Google for multi monitor software. You might find something that fits your needs.


Thanks but I was hoping for a non-3rd party solution to this. There MUST be some way to say, “That Acer is Monitor 1 always, that Samsung is Monitor 2 always”, etc.


Well, the basic multi-monitor support in Windows is pretty lame IMO, personally, I use Display Fusion, and I don’t have any problem of this kind