Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


Welcome to Black Mesa’s Work in Progress Multiplayer thread! (Or BMSWiPMPT, if you prefer catchy names).

In this thread, we will endeavour to be a bit more open with you guys about the development of Black Mesa’s multiplayer component. Currently, in terms of multiplayer, the team’s focus is on Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, but there will be a lot more to come.

As we work towards the Steam release we hope to show you guys more and more of our hard work. This thread is where we will post screenshots, videos, ideas, and features, for you guys to discuss, comment on, and give feedback. We’re all extremely excited to finally start sharing some things with you guys. Feel free to ask questions and post your thoughts, we will try our best to engage with you and be honest and direct.

Here’s what this thread IS NOT. It is not a place to ask about Xen, singleplayer, Oculus Rift, or ANYTHING ELSE Black Mesa related. There are also NOT official media releases. This thread is strictly for multiplayer. Derailing or off topic posting will be punished. Stick to the topic at hand, and we’ll all have a lovely time. Also remember, this stuff is all work in progress. Don’t be a jerk.


To start off with, here are some screenshots of the current state of Gasworks and Stalkyard. Discuss, or ask general MP questions.




Ooh, I like how the MP maps each seem to be getting their own specifically made assets, like each SP chapter.


Those images are absolutely beautiful!


Stalkyard looks positively beautiful.

Out of curiosity, what other game modes are you guys and gals considering, if you can discuss?


Gasworks and Stalkyard look great!


Depends. We aren’t fully decided yet on the extras. What would the community like to see?


I’ve been wanting to see players be able to play team play with Xen aliens and the like for a long time now. Dunno how doable that would be, but I’d definitely want to see something like that.

Basically, a similar system to how Left 4 Dead handles PvP in versus, but I could ramble on about that for hours. Just subtract the common infected and you get a wider variety of aliens to choose from.


Remember that tower defense-type map that a user hacked together some time ago? That would be a wonderful gamemode.


Capture the Flag mode is my favorite.


The shots look great IMO, can’t wait to get my hands on 'em for playing!
In regard to more gaming modes:
what the others already suggested plus maybe something akin to Research and Development Mod for HL 1 ? Or something similar to Team Fortress with different classes (for example scientists to heal you, technicians building things and some sort of base-capture-defend mode). I know that’s different from the fast, action-paced DM gameplay-wise, but it would be certainly interesting (to me at least).

Edit: Another question I wanted to ask if I’m allowed to and it hasn’t been answered before: What will be the gameplay “vibe” ? I already heard that you tweaked the rocket launcher to behave more to its HL counterpart, what about the other weapons, running speed, jump height, Tau-Jumps etc. in regard to mulitplayer ? Also, given the fact that source maps are bigger, gameplay will definitely be affected in regard to the length or time of different routes you take etc. So does that mean BM:MP probably won’t play as fast, hectic and chaotic as in HL 1 ?


Feels pretty fast to me, Its gone through alot of config changes lately to keep it close to HL1 gameplay. As for the maps, of course they will be slightly different with all the new stuff but I’d like to think they have the best of both worlds.


The “user” was Lucas, who has been a programmer on our team for over a year now!

It’s planned, to my knowledge. Not sure if for release or for a subsequent update. We will be constantly updating MP after release, for free, and based on community feedback.

To add on to what Craig said (I have been involved in pretty much all of the balancing).

For a long time our gameplay was much slower than HL1, as you predicted. The weapons were weaker, but players moved FASTER. Even though logically speaking you might think that faster players = faster game, it doesn’t. Because if you couple a fast moving, hard to hit target with relatively weak guns, the game is even slower. We struggled with it for a long time and the game just wasn’t fun.

To solve it, I did some very thorough testing and research to determine HL1 values across a spectrum of areas - and the necessary conversions to port them to Black Mesa, for instance how to port fire rates and accuracy. We then did a pass to basically make everything like HL1.

Currently SP and MP use different weapon values and behaviours. For example the RPG delay is only in MP. Tau jumping is only in MP. The MP5 has 45 rounds, only in MP, etc. They pretty much have to be distinct to preserve balance across both. Our core gameplay at present is VERY CLOSE to HL1, with some differences and tweaks here and there to ratchet up the fun. For example, our grenades are freaking awesome and fun to use, our Glock is a bit stronger. Among other things.

It’s definitely as fast as HL1, and the core gameplay is pretty close. What is quite different, are the maps. They all definitely retain the spirit of the originals, but their layouts have been tirelessly iterated and are MUCH improved. I would say all of our maps are significantly better, gameplay wise, than the originals.


Great to hear that. What about “gun game” mode? Also a question if I may, do Glock and the SMG still have the exact same damage per bullet?


I’d love to see a team deathmatch map taking place around the hydro electric dam. That would be awesome.


I remember Gasworks being my favorite map back in HL :smiley: eathmatch. Ahh the memories. Crossbow camping in the towers. :smiley:


looks good, i want to look around in those maps :smiley:


I second Gun Game.


I want a map in Xen. Jumping around in low gravity…!


I don’t really think a gun game idea would really work, since there are only 14 (I believe) weapons in Half Life, seems a bit too small in numbers in my opinion.


There actually exists a Gun Game mode for Half-Life Deathmatch, it’s very fun, though instead of 1 kill = lvl up, it’s usually 3 or so. Deoending on how BM :smiley: M plays, probably something I wouldn’t mind seeing in it.

He’d better be literally hacking that together, then. Or else.