Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


If you are going to add insta-gib keep the normal Tau-Cannon pls. Or make everybody use 1-shot magnums (357). Also, do NOT let people spawn with longjump-modules in insta-gib.


(I posted this in a different topic… But since you asked :slight_smile:

Some tips about CTF gameplay & map design:
When designing a CTF map, it’s very important to make the map symetric. CTF should be based on Teamwork. That means that there should not be too many powerful weapons/items inside a base. A team should be forced to share their ressources strategicly.
Each base should have only few entrances (maybe 2 main ones and/or 1 hard to reach / secret one) and the Flag should not be placed too far inside the base.
Playerspawns should be somewhere behind the flag and they should be behind some kind of gate. Atleast it should not be too easy to farm the enemies spawn for too long. If players spawn in seperate “spawning-rooms” (similar to how it is in Team Fortress), they can get some weaker weapon and/or few armor before they open the gate to enter their own base.
You should put 50 health near the flag (so some player can defend the flag and recharge after a successful defense).
You should put 25 hp near the middle of the map (25 hp for each team) to give attackers the possibility to recharge on half the way. Ofc the healthpacks in the middle area should not be placed on the middle of your route, but a bit off (so flagstealers don’t get the chance to recharge quickly). I would be rather careful with placing armor, because CTF should be a movement based gamemode and fast killing (I would still like to see bhop in future… or atleast strafe and circlejumps).
Fast jumping (Gauss- and Longjumping) is really powerful in CTF gameplay. So I suggest to put only 1 Longjump-pack and 1 gauss with 20 uranium in each base. This would allow some interessting strategy… The Gauss could be timed by one player of a team (for example the flag defender). He could collect the gauss a few times in a row and afterwards he could attack the enemy flag together with his team. The longjump and the gauss should not be placed in spawn-rooms, but they should not be easy to steal either.
The Egon is a very powerful weapon. Since it shares ammo with the Gauss, it should not come with too much uranium. I would suggest to place one egon with ~40 uranium and ~30 armor in the middle of a map. This way the middle area would be an important place to control to get your team some important item-advantage.
I would not place any satchels or trip mines in CTF maps, because these are completely lame in a gamemode full of rushers. If you still want to place any of these inside a CTF map, I would suggest to place 1 on each side, and they should not be available inside your own base. CTF should mainly be played with SMG, Shotgun, Magnum and the RPG (Edit: and crossbow ofc). The Hivehand could also be unbalanced in CTF (imagine 2 or more enemies shooting a flag-carrier with hivehands) so I would not place too many of them.


Nice suggestions :slight_smile:




I don’t want to see too many gamemodes tbh.
Important modes: 1v1, TDM, CTF, Arena1v1
Other cool modes: FFA, Domination, Gungame, ArenaTDM, Arcade, Shotgun&Bow, Coop (maybe just add coop support but let the community build all the maps for you)
Personally I’m not interessted in Zombie and Survival Mode at all. I think these things shouldn’t be official. They could be added later by the community (as servermods for example)…

Edit: I would also be interessted in some class based CTF mode (similar to Team Fortress). Movement should be the same for all classes but each class could have different amounts of armor. Also the Scout could have a longjump-module. There could be Scout (LJ, shotgun, MP5, 30 armor) Soldier (RPG, MP5, Shotgun, 60 armor), Heavy (Egon, 60 armor), Sniper (Crossbow, Magnum, 15 armor), Demo (MP5+Nades, Shotgun, Handgrenades, Satchels, Tripmines, pistol, 60 armor)… Something like that.


emh… isn’t a problem, but, the model is similar to my model head of the HEV suit, I made that model head for complete the suit for gmod, I send that to the workshop of gmod the August 31, 2014, and well, that is the model of head: (i’m just saying)


…what exactly is it you’re trying to say?


The MP is awsome! Thank you! I was waiting so long for MP like this.


Nth-ing the request for a CP-stlye gamemode. You could design both symmetrical and asymmetrical maps for this mode, or the already designed maps with long horizontal distances (such as Undertow). You could do it TF2 style where you need to control one point before moving onto the next one, or CoD style where you just have to hold down as many points as you can to accumulate points.

I also want a CtF mode, though those maps would need to be symmetrical in order to give everyone an even advantage. You’d probably have to experiment with how you’d like the game to play and build maps around that. For instance: when the flag carrier dies, does the flag instantly return to base, does it need to be touched or carried back by the opposing team, or will it despawn automatically after a set amount of time (like TF2)? Fury’s post above seems to have a lot of good points re:CtF.

KoTH and Gun Game would be pretty fun as well, but probably not worth the devs spending too much time on them. I expect a lot of different gamemodes will be modded in by community members like it was in the original Half-Life.


I think for the non competitive gamemodes, our stock maps could work really well with an asymmetrical (one sided) CTF, similar to Halo. 4 rounds, the teams alternate attacking and defending. I’d definitely like to give that a go as a gametype at some point if possible.


How about giving a objective PvP mode

could be done on stock maps or some of them, scientists vs hecu sort of thing, where either the scientists must complete a set of objectives or the hecu.

example on one map, the hecu could have to blow open a grate, activate a set of generators then download information to stop a missile launch while the science team tries to prevent this, once each objective is cleared both sides get weapon and spawn armor upgrades.


objective one

science team: glocks, revolvers, and grenades
hecu team: glocks, shotguns, and grenades

objective two
science team: ob one+ Mp5 and crossbow
hecu team: ob one+ Mp5 and RPG

objective three
science team: ob two+ gluon gun
hecu team: ob two + scatchels, trip mines, and the charge laser (I keep forgetting name)


I wouldn’t like to see round based objective modes tbh (and I don’t think these modes would work well with HL1 weapons and movement). There is enaugh of them in other games already.

But I could imagine some kind of destruction-mode where each team would have a base with multiple defense-lines. Each defense-line should be reachable via teleporters from the main base. Both teams objective is to destroy the enemies defense-lines, teleport-exits and their main base. The first team which destroys the enemies base would win. This mode would be similar to Unreal Tournaments assault-mode, but both teams would be attackers and defenders at the same time.

Well… But yea… Still for me this sounds nice in theory, but in reality these modes need a lot of work which should be spent on other things first (voting-system, good and balanced TDM and CTF maps, netcode, overall game performance and polishing, weapons, movement).


You don’t need to tell us how to prioritise. We know what’s important and what’s not.


Un mode Zombie Infection , se serait vraiment dans le thème de black mesa :

Une équipe humains (scientifique, militaire, …) qui devra survire dans un temps impartie (ex :15 min) :

  • Il faudrait moins d’armes et munitions sur la carte et commencer avec les même armes de départs que en deathmatch.

Une équipe Zombie qui tentera d’infecter tous les humains :

  • Tous les joueurs dans l’équipe zombie commencerait en tant que Headcrab ( même comportement que le monstre ) ,
    il devront soit réduire la vie de l’ennemi -> l’ennemi réapparaitra en Zombie ou soit sauté en pleine tête -> se qui transforme l’ennemie immédiatement en Zombie.

Cela pourrait un mode de jeu très fun et vraiment dans l’univers de Black Mesa.

English translate :

A Zombie Infection mode, would be really in the theme of black mesa:

A human team (scientific, military, …) that will oversteer in an allotted time (eg 15 min):

  • There should be fewer weapons and ammunition on the map and start with the same weapons departures than deathmatch.Zombie A team that will attempt to infect all humans:
  • All players start in the zombie team as headcrab (same behavior as the monster)
    it will either reduce the life of the enemy -> the enemy will reappear in Zombie or be skipped in the head -> enemy who is immediately transformed into Zombie.This could fashion a very fun game and really in the Black Mesa universe.


No offense but we don’t speak French…


For announcers maybe we could also get the HEV suit voice and VOX announcer system and you may need Galactic Cafe’s permission, but maybe have Kevan Brighting do a Stanley Parable Narrator announcer.


Sounds like a sort of game in which everyone begins playing as headcrabs and the goal is to turn all the AI enemies (who are humans) into zombies before the allotted time runs out or the headcrab team is all killed.

I don’t know what the plans for MP are and if it’s possible for something like that to exist in the Workshop.


So a human team will oversee the map for some time. 15 minutes is way longer than you’d think in multiplayer, especially if the teams have nothing much to do.
Less ammo and less weaponry, everyone starts off as a small, fragile monster which can only do two things - walk very slowly or leap towards an enemy to land on their head, otherwise doing a small amount of damage. If they do this, their reward is becoming a shambling, loud and large target called a zombie. Did I get your idea right?

Sounds kinda like Half-Life: Zombie Edition with co-op.


That’s my suggestion about the models list in the Customize Character option:

Male HEV
Extras: Helmet ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Female HEV
Extras: Helmet ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Zombie HEV
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Male Scientist
Extras: Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Female Scientist
Extras: Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Zombie Scientist
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Male Guard
Extras: Helmet ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Female Guard
Extras: Helmet ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Zombie Guard
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Male Marine
Extras: Helmet ; Gas Mask ; Beret ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Female Marine
Extras: Helmet ; Gas Mask ; Beret ; Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Zombie Marine
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Robot Marine
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Female Assassin
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Zombie Assassin
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Government Man
Extras: Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Government Woman
Extras: Glasses ; Purple Hat*[/size]
Government Zombie
Extras: Purple Hat*[/size]
Extras: Slave Bracelets ; Lab Coat ; Purple Hat*

*Obtained after getting the Rare Specimen achievement.[/size]


Yes is my idea. That would be a survival mode for humans, no big weapons, ammunition rare. Weapons on the map:

6 Glock 17
4 SPAS-12
3 .357 Magnum
2 Mk2 Grenade
1 MP5

Crowbar starting weapon

or that function as his mod Gmod Zombie Survival with a point system, buy weapons with points.

The Zombie would do as actual damage as in Black Mesa solo in normal mode!