Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


@EdSantos: No zombie glasses in that list. 0/10.


Great suggestions! I also want Gun Game and Survival Co-op :smiley: Please!

I agree with him. I also want a competitive matchmaking system. Please, think about this!

Also, can you tell us your opinion about it?


HEV suit voice announcer = cool
VOX announcer = epic (I really want this one)

Please, think about these ideas !!!

Epic list :smiley:

I want the following ones:

male & female HEV
zombie scientist
zombie guard
female marine
zombie marine
female assassin
the Gman

Please, devs, think about these ideas !!! :smiley:


Please balance the weapons. Now the most players use only 2-3 of them. The total abuse of the OP weapons will drive a lot of the players away from the game. I am not even sure if they have fun. The score players ruin the game. My 2 cents.


If they can manage to make the weapons (especially gauss, crossbow and mp5) more like original HL1DM the game will be good.


Hey, Black Mesa, I got a project for you.

Well, I don’t know how make the codes to do a player model, I got a player model ready to play, but I don’t know the codes to do…

is "Barney", in a body of guards, (I change the texture), he got eye poser, but don’t got face poser to modify and the hands are a little white, I’ll fix that, but i don’t know how put that in Black mesa, i tried to remplace the Guard Alt, and nothing happen.

here is a picture of Barney:

Catch Me Later, I’ll Buy You a Beer![/size]


Looks nice, though the skin tone of his hands is a bit too bright compared to his head.


First and foremost, I was very impressed with the level of detail in the levels and the placement of weapons. I never went more than 20 seconds without finding a new weapon to use. Furthermore, I think fans of the original DM will find this to their liking, as I saw a lot of bunny-hopping and other similar skills in place that reminded me of the old days.

My only suggestion is to implement further modes (which Storm mentioned you are already working on), as I am not the type that gets much enjoyment out of free-for-all gameplay. Other than my own personal tastes however, I think you mates have done an excellent job, and I truly hope you can bring in the same level of community that the original HL DM had.


Try playing TDM sometime. I think our TDM is extremely fun, way more fun than free-for-all (and I like free-for-all).

More gamemodes are coming in the future. We have so many plans!


I’m amped!


please for the love of good give us a c-op mode. hell the in game excuse could be hecu ops, where you actually play as hecu in “real” combat scenarios during the black mesa event.

Man I even got an idea for one such event right now.

six deep
info: you are on site hecu soldiers who have just been told of some sort of breach in the sector B dormitories. make contact with security force and find out what is going on.

mission start: players spawn on a helipad with a “active” osprey, near them is 2 smg spawns and one shotgun spawn as well as ammo spawn points.

from the start players must use a stair case near a downed elevator to access the dormitories, this is the easy part of the map as the players will enter a rather empty area with many abandoned and bloodied rooms, only one body will be found and that is a dead guard with pistol ammo near him. upon turning the corner though the players will be greeted with a headcrab zombie smashing through a window as several more break down a security door at this point several zombies will spawn.

players must then fight of a small horde of zombies and continue to their objective which is the main security room which is just down the hallway. Once at the security station the players will be greeted by a surviving guard who will tell them that “thank god you guys are here t-these things are teleporting out of the walls or something”. your commander will then over the radio inform your team that clean up protical has been engaged for the area take out everything hostile and report back to the osprey. things are pretty simple at this point as you must just kill zombies, eye hounds, barnicals, and headcrabs. though there are two or three vorts found in one room with a dead sci. after clearing the area you will hear this over the radio.

“all hecu base team, we have reports of large bogies apearing all over the facility make way to main outposts ASAP, we are under attack this is not a drill.”

at this point several vorts will spawn in and the players will have to fight their way back out of the dormitories, to their copter, which sadly will take off just as the first player gets to it, forcing the players to deal with threats on the pad, and holding off a few waves of vorts and eye hounds before it returns. once it returns mission will end.

simple idea, for a easy co-op mission, idea is for this players would be able to join 4 to 8 man missions ranging from easy missions like above to full on combat where the players may have to defend a tank or APC from attacking xen creatures and BMRF survivors.


I want some of what you are on please share the wealth. other than that pretty cool idea


Are there any plans to remake the maps from Further Data?


Hey guys, as a lot of people have before I want to give my suggestions for MP (I don’t think they warrant a thread by themselves… though a thread or a subforum just for suggestions wouldn’t be a bad idea xD).

1. Add a Gordon playermodel. I know you guys already have one in the files but it just doesn’t look much like him… I don’t know if it’s the face itself or the shape of the glasses. Maybe you could rework the face to be closer to the promotional images from Half-Life 2 and the Episodes.
2. Add playermodels of Eli Vance and Kleiner. This one shouldn’t be that hard, they seem to have the animations already in modelviewer, they could be placed as un-editable alternate skins for the scientists.
3. Add a Barney playermodel. This one is harder as there seems to be no Barney face yet… though he is in the base Source files like Kleiner and Eli Vance so maybe you could re-use it (and change the textures) like a user did in this thread (and maybe then use him for singleplayer as well in his cameo). He could be an un-editable alternate skin for the security guards.
4. Reduce the “gloss” in the security guards’ hands viewmodel. Right now the shirt is way too shiny, it looks plastic (and a bit too large as well).


I’m glad there has been a significant amount of attention put into the multiplayer portion of the game.

Since there was the recent addition of voice chat being added, it would be nice, in addition to showing the microphone icon above the player’s head when they’re speaking as the game does at the moment, to show a little HUD panel in the bottom right of the player’s screen of who’s talking. I feel this would be a necessary addition to ease up any confusion to where who is talking on servers with several people.

An example of what I’m talking about:


I think these icons above players should generally get removed, since they sometimes work similar to player-brightskins from quake: they make enemies stand out more (which might remove their positional advantage). These icons could get displayed exclusively on scoreboard and in deathcam (if it’s enabled on the server, because basicly I’m against the deathcam aswell and I think it should be an optional server-setting, too.


This, I’m a semi-noob at this game, sure.

Had a decent round of playing around with sort of equallity skilled players, pro player joins in, starts oneshotting/two shotting people with the tau, taunting ppl “come on kill me girls.”
Kinda takes the fun out of the game.


have you ever played HL1DM? It was always 70% about mastering the tau-cannon… That’s just how this game works. But I agree that they need to improve weapon balance (slightly increase rate of fire of shotgun, speed up reload on shotgun slightly, reduce damage of shotgun primary slightly, fix netcode on zoomed crossbow, fix crossbow rapidfire bug, remove recoil from MP5, reduce damage of pistol, MP5 and 357 slightly, tweak charge up for the tau, maybe reduce tau damage very very slightly, maybe also reduce tau headshot multiplyer from x3 to x1.5, add wallgauss, remove handgrenade from spawn weapons, buff satchel, tripmine and snark damage and increase damage radius for satchels and tripmines, increase satchel throw range or implement HL1 physics for satchels, tweak tripmine hitbox further, make snarks run around more… make them more agressive, make them bhop faster, increase ammolimit for MP5 grenades to 5, reduce MP5 grenade speed, fix RPG reload and rapidfire-trick, tweak the angle in which the RPG follows the laserdot - in my opinion it should be smaller, allow players to skip weapon draw animation after very short delay (skip it by pressing shoot, shoot2 or reload), it’s also very important to improve hit feedback… for example few blood on body shots, much blood on headshots and tau or crossbow body hits… ideally I’d love to see death animations too… this way you have a cooler combat feel and you clearly see if you did a headshot-kill or not… but I guess death animations would cost too much ressources… with these changes egon will be balanced) and improve movement (increase acceleration on ground, add circlejump, slightly increase air-control and increase LJ hight slightly - I think these changes are maybe even more important than the weapon changes… optional bhop as a server setting is also important for the future)… If you want, add me on steam and i can help you improve.


I did play my fair share of Half-Life: Source deathmatch when I was younger, I have touched hl1:dm a few times as well.

I don’t know if it’s the moment speed that is slower in source, but I just feel like it’s more of an issue now.
Lower the damage of the tau so you can’t oneshot people with it, or decrease the headshot multiplier.
Cause right now a skilled player with a tau has a really huge skilldifference towards a player not using the tau. It’s like the only weapons worth using are the energy based ones.
When the servers do have an autokick for the K/D score, then there is something that needs a fix.

Sure I can improve my play and I will. But for new players who come and play and then are brutally buttraped, I doubt they’d want to play again.


pick up more armor and improve your movement/dodge/positioning… tau netcode should also get reviewed, because sometimes it seems to hit when normally it shouldn’t have hit. I am against a big tau damage nerf, because tau is meant to be the strongest map control item together with crossbow and longjump. Too much tau-damage nerf would also make wallgauss useless. Unarmored players should always be 1 shot by a fully charged tau shot. Explosives and egon are strong enaugh already and because of that a tau damage nerf really wouldn’t make any sense.


It’s not a problem of the game’s item balance, it’s only a problem of servers, missing matchmaking, missing multiplayer-tutorials, missing bots and high skill range… the only other way I see to fix this problem is adding skill tiered servers…