Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


And you think you’re going to get those updates when…? :slight_smile:
Skill tiered servers, do we have the playercount for those kind of servers? Last night there was about 10 people playing.
When I’m posting this, there are 4. If there were more players on the server, the tau wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but due to the playercounts it currently is.

I’m not trying to dumb down the game, just make it easier for new people to come into the play and not ragequit when getting instant-killed,
which I saw some people do when I played last night.


We’re working on more refinements to the gameplay and ways to help the community along. These things take time.

The game has quite a skill gap. Issues related to higher skilled players beating up on new ones can only really be resolved when we firstly have more players, and when we have ways to better segment them.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Can you please give some information what gameplay-changing code changes we can expect in the upcoming update? Or an estimate… anything? I am waiting so hard :<


No information quite yet, other than the update will not be for quite some time yet. It’ll be a big’un, we hope.


Multiplayer games with super strong weapons destroying players in just one or two hits always have these issues that one skilled gamer with no life will rule the game. I think one way to solve this would be to enable something like different weapon modes, like tau/gluon-only rounds, rounds with explosive weapons or rounds with only mp5/shotgun/pistol/magnum.
To be honest, I had the most fun on a small map with tau weapons only which were picked up right away.


No, that’s not good for n00bs, because they won’t learn the game that way. People should accept what Half-Life is and what it does offer instead of just playing it casually. Half-Life is a game with learning curve and it requires dedication. It really hurts to always read stupid comments like yours… And yes, in Adrenaline Gamer there were gamemodes like arena or arcade which let you spawn with all weapons. It’s OK if you want to play a casual gamemode, but don’t suggest to break the core game with shit like “weapon modes”… LOL.


On the topic of multiplayer, it is not that well balanced, well the power weapons are not. There is a reason most games use different stats in MP then in single player. and black mesa’s MP feels lacking to say the least, to much chaos. As it is all it takes in one person getting to the gluon and tau spawn and well game over.

That said I don’t think anything really needs nerfed or buffed, Well except the gluon cause that is a pain weapon to use and fight. and the snarks cause they are useless.

suggestion: make it so that the gluon and tau have NO ammo at their spawn point and that you can not reload by standing on the spawn, instead put ammo for them out in the open in areas of low to no cover. this should remove most the problems with them as players will have to stay mobile to use them instead of camping the spawn/ammo.

suggestion2: make it so the pack on the gluon gun is visible even if you do not have it equipped and make it so that shooting the person in the back can blow the pack. if the shot kills them. (taking the weapon out until a respawn) (would require the gluon to be none respawning until this happens)

ALSO BUFF THE SNARKS, they are pretty much useless, in SP and MP.

also would suggest adding a m16 to the game for MP

ammo: 9mm (only for pickups)
primary: burst fire
secondary: iron sights.
ammo: 30/90

reason for weapon, higher damage more accurate AR for the more “tactical” players allowing for even the none twitch shooters to have a weapon they can use.


Let’s chill out a bit on the attacking language. Be happy like my avatar! boing!


@darkone There is absolutely no need for a burstfire M16. You basicly have burstfire on primary fire shotgun (precise but weaker than secondary fire). If you’d like to shoot on long range you can also use the 357 or Crossbow. Personally I think the devs should not add any more weapons to the game, because we have most shooting-mechanics in the game already. Also I don’t have any keys left on my keyboard to use as weapon bindings. Sure the game misses some projectile weapons like HL2-style crossbow (maybe they could drasticly decrease BM primary crossbowbolt splash range and damage, but make them deal much more damage on direct hits) or Quake 4-style plasmagun (with some changes, the hornetgun secondary firemode could be used like that: maybe increase ammolimit to 16… then primary fire could use 2 ammo per shot and secondary fire could be more usefull for spaming narrow corridors. Also make beegun secondary fire shoot a straight or slightly randomized line. Additionally it would be cool if secondary fire bees would find their targets on their own as soon as they get very close [maybe 16 unit ‘magnet’-radius] to them). @danielsangeo sorry. It just makes me way too mad when people keep suggesting extreme gameplay changes, which would fundamentally change how the game is played. HL’s main competetive modes were 3v3 to 5v5 traditional TDM and Duel. Introducing weaponloadouts, lower pickup-respawn times, lower charger charge-times, spawnprotection or anything like that make these gamemodes a lot less skill-based and less competetive. That’s why I am strictly against any changes regarding these traditional competetive gamemodes. I don’t mind having additional gamemodes or server options as long as the main emphasis is on the main competetive gamemodes.


Will we ever be to choose a female voice for the HEV suit? It seems like it’s supposed to be pretty gender neutral (as is the suit in the games) so it’s kind of awkward hearing the male scientist voice in it and not being able to change it.


So, can I assume that MP is dead? Recently there’s barely anyone online when I want to play and most of the players I play against are rage-quitting if I kill them like two or three times in a row.


there is hardly anyone playing. I am only consoled by the fact that maybe the player population will increase once the game is out of Early Access, but I remain skeptical even of that.


We’ve mostly done what we can for MP, for now. We plan on doing much more on it once Xen is out, which we think will bolster the population significantly and allow us to allocate way, way more resources towards actually doing what we want with it. But, right now, Xen is our total priority, much as it hurts for some of us (I love our MP and was one of the team’s most passionate members about it).


Can you tell us a little about what those plans are?


I hope this doesn’t count as necroing (considering that this is a pinned thread) but I just want to leave this here a year later just so whenever/if ever post-xen multiplayer becomes a focus again that there definitely still is an interest for a female scientist voice for the HEV suit! :smiley:

I believe the current HEV suit just uses the already existing male scientist voice lines so I think adding the female ones wouldn’t hopefully be too taxing maybe? I recall a similar thread like this a while back.

On the topic of playermodels; are the Half-Life Deathmatch models ever planned to be added? Such as Barney, Gordon, Gina, etc;?


heh i just had a funny idea regarding crossfiresbunkers for CTF my thought is modify the buildings section of the map to include a route to another airfieled and instead of nuking the entire map it would just bomb the air field it would also have a couple ways to break into the bunker via satchels and Various explosive apparatus so that even when the bunkers are sealed there are alternate routes in and out so trolls cant keep thier team locked in/enimes out or perhaps a veersion of WGH that has two security rooms and silo doors and you have to open up the silo to get the flag i certainly hope CTF gets added since it will be rather interestingto play around with current map sources

reguarding the suggestion the HECU also have cigars as well in the game already so that as a option?

also can you even perform the dark arks on pinned thread?

Random thought of the day from june why cant we have a inspect weapon animations button for MP just for the people who want to make the shotgun cock in a very awesome manner