Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


A gamemode I’d like to see is a L4D style escape mod. Players are scientists, security guards, or maybe even marines, who have to fight through varying levels of zombies/aliens/marines to escape the facility. Some ideas for escape options could include hot wiring a car, sneaking through sewers/vents,taking a train from the rail yards, getting to an airfield and flying a corporate jet out, or commandeering a tank and blasting their way out.

It’s probably an unrealistic idea, but it would be cool.


Freeze-Tag would be great in that scenario.


Wait, was stalkyard always a night map? I never really noticed.

Opposing Force did that with op4_xendance, but it just wasn’t very fun. Though that may have been actual level design issues, idk.


This is all very good to see these updates the MP Maps look really Nice.

Capture the Flag? well I was trying to think of an object other than a Flag… G-man Briefcase? :slight_smile:

You’ll never know what’s in it because he will get it back off you… :slight_smile:

Nah bad idea, but what instead of a Flag?

No but seriously the thing that makes me curious about MP the most are the weapons, because this is the main crux of the game and I am curious if there will be an expanded weapon set or not or different teams have slightly different weapon sets similar to Combine and rebels,

More weapons = Tougher to Balance but also allow more variation and help the game not become older quicker. Many multi-player games have a huge weapon set now days for that reason, but you could argue that too much choice is also a bad thing simpler and easier is good also. But I would not be against a slightly expanded weapon set than the default.

And this is serious suggestion mow diffuse G-man’s Nuke on the back of the pick up truck Black ops vs HECU. Scenario map? I would think that would be a really cool one :slight_smile:


Will there be hazards in the maps? And would some of them be caused by players? e.g. a flooded hallway with lots of broken cables where a player could turn a switch to electrify the water.
Also once the core maps are done will the team work in creating more maps?


We’re hoping that our game’s expandability and moddability, combined with the workshop, will allow players to do things like this. There’ll certainly be some awesome stuff on the workshop, we hope.

One of Gun Game’s original designers works on our team, haha. Surprised this hasn’t been brought up before.

It was - but it was very enclosed and well lit.

We are not expanding the weapon set. There is no reason to, and when well balanced, the existing weapon set is extremely fun and varied - more so than many games with twice as many weapons, as they all have unique niches and fun usages. We have modified the behaviours of quite a few weapons, to be more fun and interesting in MP, and to provide plenty of depth, with surface simplicity.

Not particularly. Unless it’s a core part of the entire map, those gimmicks can often detract from the gameplay rather than add to it. We had a few prototype maps with things like that in and it just wasn’t very fun/effective. There’s nothing to stop the community making maps with that stuff in, though. One prototype, early map which I’m working on, has a few hazards like that in, but the level is designed around them. It remains to be seen whether I’ll finish it or not.

As for maps after core maps, our plan is to support the release with free updates, with new maps and content. So yes. There will be some original, new maps too, we already have a few in the works. And some remakes will show their faces post release.


But undertow still has the button, right? Please tell me it still has the button.


As long as crossfire still has that bunker with the re-press-able nuke button, I’d be happy. There are not a lot of maps on the source engine that utilize hazardous elements as well as they could. Broken elevators, destructive bridges, disruptive power lines, are all present in the games, but scarcely used in multiplayer maps.


Oh my God!
You guys are amazing at this!
I have been following the updates on the Gasworks map for a while now,
and it is awesome!
But then i saw the Stalkyard as well, which is absolutely fantastic!

Yes! All those numerous details on the multi-player maps are really
making the game look more interesting while playing, therefore, more fun!

So again, beautiful work! Keep going, give us the amazing maps and features
that you are making, because you guys are the most talented, hardworking and damn-right committed Source games fans/modders i ever seen/heard!

(sry if this got a bit of topic :stuck_out_tongue: )


Is the Multiplayer portion going to be Steam-release exclusive?


Any chance we are getting gravity gun in MP? I know single player FAQ states that it was removed but having it back in the MP would add a LOT of HL2DM fun like grav-nading or never-seen-before-kind-of-fun like stealing supplies from people while gauss-jumping above them. Haha.


Thank you, that’s mighty kind.

Yes, it is Steam-release exclusive.

No. There will be no gravity gun in MP.


Tragically not. Undertow held up the worst of all the maps when we did the early blockouts, so it’s the “newest” of the bunch. I spent several months trying half a dozen versions of the flooding but all of them were pretty universally hated by everyone who played it. So I took out the button and then completely redid the whole flood room as a combat area. It’s got heavy weapons and vertical combat and elevators and water and the testers love it. Hopefully you guys will too.


What about Snarkpit? It’s not a Snarkpit without Snarks!


Yeah, Snarkpit had some fond memories as well, however if it isn’t feasible, then obviously it would need changed as a result (or not made at all).


The crossfire map - my favorite. I always enjoyed nuking players that stayed outside the bunker. I really hope to see the remake of it. Also, keep up the good work.


Speaking of crossfire… there was this very awesome remake of it in Adrenaline Gamer 2:

Was this done by one of BM mappers by chance?


will Subtransit still have the tram?

Please, Please tell me yes. I loved riding around on the tram gunning down people i drove past.


The train does indeed exist, and is just as wonderful as ever.


Please dont kill me for this,but there is an video of the leaked alpha,which i wont be posting here (the one from 2006),it also has gasworks.Judging from the screenshots,it looks similar,will there be any changes from the 2006 one?