Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


I completely remade Gasworks from scratch. It is 100% different from the 2006 one. They don’t even look that similar, so I’m not sure why you would say that?

You can even check out my dev blog where I outlined the remake process here.


Multiplayer requires just one thing: CROSSFIRE MAP.


100% agree! (Lol, also other maps) :slight_smile:

PS: I hope there’s gonna be a zombie player model.

I’d like it different from singleplayer zombies, and i’d like human skull outline on the headcrab. I say i’d like, of course my opinion, always kinda made me feel badass, the hl deathmatch zombie model, cause it has like specific shoulder shape and, as i said, i like visible human skull outline. I wish for such remake, but i doubt you guys would do such thing. After all, it’s personal

Also, don’t know how i feel about long fingers on this model. I’ve tried porting sp model to deathmatch and i hated it just because of long fingers not fitting at all. DM model had just fists. Of course that would be ridicilous on hd model, so maybe a bit shorter fingers than sp black mesa model?
Well maybe it’s not just fingers, i hated the shape of the sp model in the mp not fitting also.
I say this because i figured bm sp zombie looks more like hl sp zombie than hl dm model.
(i’m actualy talking about Sven-Coop, since it allows 3rd person):



(i compiled again just to show you, lol)


Will there be a co-op campaign for multiplayer on the steam release?


Not a dev by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s rather obvious that this won’t happen. HL is really made for singleplayer, and making it co-op would require making a new story mode (Perhaps a remake of decay?), reworking maps, scripted sequences, etc.

And the dev team isn’t finished with ALL of HL1 yet, plus they work on multiplayer, workshop support, and have IRL jobs of their own. I think it’s safe to say having another campaign would delay the release several more years.

If you want a co-op BM, I would suggest that you use Synergy and modify BM as you see fit so it is compatible, and makes sense for the player.


Co-Op was actually planned for BM for a while, but it was dropped.


Firstly, I just want to say, fantastic work by all. I’m incredibly excited to get in there once the game is released.

However, as a player whose first Half-Life experience was with Black Mesa, I was wondering if the dev team planned on releasing something like a tutorial level that taught the basics of stuff like tau jumping and other unique-to-multiplayer aspects so that novices could step into the game and hold their own with 10+ year veterans. Otherwise I’ll just have to YouTube that stuff.

It may be too trivial, though, and I’d totally understand. Thanks for working with the community anyways. :slight_smile:

#48 This is a remake of “Hazard Course”, a tutorial from Half-Life, which was cut in Black Mesa. It’s still not relased, but i belive they are working on it. I’m not sure if it will be compatible with Steam version of Black Mesa though.


He was asking about a tutorial level for DM-related tricks, not a Hazard Course recreation.


It is out of scope for the initial release, at least in terms of official implementation. Our AI entities are networked, so can be present in multiplayer games (if buggy), which gives the community the ability to make things for coop on the workshop, if so they desire. It is possible to play our SP campaign with other players online, but it is janky (and definitely not officially supported). They are not properly designed for it and would require significant reworking, or would require us to make an entirely new coop campaign. We have far too much on our plate already. Not to rule anything out, though.

We don’t think this would be necessary. MP is relatively simple in terms of basic mechanics and does not feature a huge amount which can’t be found in SP already. Our new loading screens come with some basic hints which inform the players about Tau jumping, interesting ways to use different weapon alt fires, the mathematics of suit battery, etc. Hopefully that will be sufficient. We tried to do a bit more advanced than “SHOOT ENEMIES TO KILL THEM” or “YOU CAN JUMP”, which seems to be how the hints work in most games these days :smiley:


Hazard Course covers all you need to be able to play Multiplayer, moving, shooting etc.

Also, this ˇ

That’s a nice feature, loading screen tips. Although… when hl came out, it didn’t tell you about tau jumping. You’d have to discover it yourself. Unless you had internet in 98’. But today everything needs explanation… it’s not like this is a really complicated game. Also, the fact that anyone who plays BM hasn’t actually played Half-Life… what, they waited for a remake just so they could play? Or maybe they don’t own it… oh well. Ah whatever, not really my thing to judge. Anyway, i’m pumped for DM, and i can’t thank you enough, you guys from the Crowbar collective, keep up the good work.

One more question though, is there team deathmatch mode in BM :smiley: M? I think there’s teams in original hl:dm (forgot, don’t kill me plx), i ussualy preffer team play.


A thought just crossed my mind about the maps you have shown. And I wondered are there plans to release different maps in different states for example day / night.

I could imagine a very stormy wet Gasworks and a very windy stalk yard for instance. Just a thought so it feels as if although you may play the same map again and again it could feel quite different in terms of the mood although fundamentally exactly the same.



My thought process is, that while dedicated fans would pick up stuff like that immediately, to keep first-time players coming back it would be useful to have a tutorial.

Most projects like this have accessibility as an afterthought. I’m glad you guys put in the effort to make anything at all.

EDIT: /\ Crypt… :stuck_out_tongue:


So no “Headshots do more damage” hints as seen in some recent games.

That’s even worse than headshots do more damage.


We do have TDM, and it is great fun. Quite a few of us (myself included) prefer it to Free for All.

This was an idea we toyed with. Someone threw around the idea to make Gasworks super rainy. But no, we have no plans to do that, it would detract from the overall polish somewhat as we’d have to accommodate a variety of styles. Thanks to the workshop and our SDK tools though, we’re sure that there will be alternate versions of our stock maps popping up thanks to the community!

We do have a headshot one, actually, but it specifies that the damage multiplier on headshots is 3X. We think that’s fair? Is it?


Yeah, i think that’s pretty fair.

Oh yeah, question - In singleplayer, you guys modified juming, is it gonna be like that in MP too, or? Cause i imagine it kinda hard to be quick and nimble in multiplayer with that jumping ability… Was this answered already? i thought i saw it somewhere, but i dunno where. Sorry if it was, just curious.

Also, i didn’t really understand, will free ver have mp or just paid? You said just the steam ver, but will there be just the paid version on steam, or free one also?


For MP, the players always run at sprint speed from SP. There is a togglable option that lets you enable or disable Auto-Crouch Jump.

Hope that answers your question.


Is there any likelihood for that option migrating to single-player, as well? With as low as the jump height is, every jump is crouch-jump anyway.

I’m really sad to see the Undertow flooding area gone. That was very cool. I’ve been killed by practically every moving surface on that map. I got crushed by the button gate, I got crushed by the sluice gate and I even got crushed by that rotating ring when I timed my jump down badly.

I haven’t heard much about Crossfire. Considering this is the map I played practically all the time back in the day and easily my favourite, I sincerely hope that one will make it through OK, as well as having the “nuke” button.


I’m pretty sure the auto crouch jump toggle is in SP already. This has been mentioned by the devs before, when more questions were directed at crouch jumping.