Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


Guys i want to ask a couple of questions which are very important:
1.Will it have bunny hopping?(very important if you are against it at least add command like sv_bhop 1/0)
2.Will it have gauss jumping?
3.Will it have wall gauss?(gauss killing through walls)
4.Will it have built in anticheat or it will use VAC?

I am asking those questions because we (PRO HL1 players) want pro gaming like this mod on which we play. has commands like “agstart”(it starts 10 second counter which when its over the match starts),agabort and etc
2.It has gamemodes and other features check it out!

Free For All: This is the standard Deathmatch server.

Team Deathmatch: This gamemode could vary from server to server.
A fresh install set this to be the CUP settings.
The CUP settings are accepted as the European standard.

CTF: Capture The Flag mode, a fun teamplay mode where you try to capture the opponents flag.
Score system:
4 points for each capture.
1 point for returning your teams flag.
1 point for killing the opponent that carries your flag.
1 point for stealing the other teams flag.
1 point if you kill your opponent while defending your flag.

LMS: Last Man Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one man remains!

LTS: Last Team Standing wins!
You start with a subset of the standard weapons and battle it out until one team remains!

Arena: The one on one mode. When a player dies he goes to spectator mode
and the next in line is spawned after a countdown. If you just want to
watch you can change your ready status in the commandmenu
(ready/notready). Settings may vary from server to server.

Arcade: Warmup mode to get the feel for the weapons before a match. You
allways spawn with all weapons and ammo. If you kill someone you get a refill
as a reward. It got reduced headshot and less damage radius just like the
match mode.

Sgbow: Shotgun and bow mode, this mode features a subset of the regular weapons and is alot of fun, it got reduced headshots and a gauss to jump with (gauss wont do any damage).

Instagib: One shot one kill!

  1. We haven’t explicitly blocked bunny hopping, so it’s as possible as our engine branch allows. Seeing as Valve hate bunny hopping and have tried to kill it wherever possible, you probably can’t do it on our engine as a result. We haven’t tested it. We’re not fans of bunny hopping by design anyway, so we probably won’t do anything to change this.
  2. Yes, we have Tau jumping. The force is slightly stronger than in the original.
  3. Not yet. I will find out how possible this is and see what we can do. Assume no, for now.
  4. VAC.

We will ship with standard DM and TDM. We are hoping to add more gametypes, including CTF, post release, if all goes according to plan.

I don’t know what these clanbase “European standard” settings are. Feel free to share them with me and I can look into it.


Half-Life 2 has gauss-killing through walls aswell. If you drive the buggy through the beach levels of HL2 SP, you can use the gauss on your buggy to kill your enemies through walls (i already wallbanged some combines in SP mode). If it’s possible you could take the code from HL2 buggy-gun.

Edit: Be careful when implementing wallgauss. In Half-Life and Half-Life: Source the Gauss could cause selfkills when shooting certain parts of the map (for example sometimes when you tried to wallbang or gaussjump, you hurt or maybe even killed yourself). This was a bug and should never happen in BM :smiley: M. So make sure you can not damage yourself with your own gauss.

Also I agree with hardstyle that bunnyhop is a widely used feature in HL1DM and that it’s really important to have it as an optional server-setting.


I don’t see where is the problem exacly you can make bunny hopping command and it will be 0 by default and if its 1 bunny hopping will be allowed.


Do you know how to make a bunny hopping command? I don’t. I can promise you that making something a convar is a lot more complicated than it might seem. We don’t have a lot of programming resources, and their plate is completely full. And that’s assuming that we a) are able and b) are willing to figure out how to make bunny hopping work, despite whatever Valve did to make it not work on the engine. How much work is that? I don’t know, but it’s more than zero, and possibly quite a lot. That’s a lot of work for a feature we don’t want to support by default, and that only a very small subset of the population will care about.

I’m not ruling it out, but I certainly wouldn’t expect it. None of us like bunny hopping by design anyway, even if players have found cool ways to use it and increase the skill gap. Mostly because it is a glitch and a flaw in the physics system. That’s not to say we hate all instances where stuff like that happens. My favourite example is trichording from Descent, which was also technically a physics bug in the engine - but something I loved a lot and thought really added to the experience in a positive way. The difference is - trichording makes logical sense when you think about it. Bunnyhopping? Counterintuitive and nonsensical.

I’m not here to ague about the merits of bunnyhopping, at any rate, which I’m sure we could do all day. Just the implementation aspect, which probably won’t happen.


Bhop is in Half-Life since like forever and it would be bad to completely remove it since it’s part of professional play. There are also whole communities around movement related maps and speedrunning. It would be really disappointing to not have it…

Bhop basicly is the same as a sprint but a sprint makes the game more easy and offers less depth in gameplay. HL2 sprint makes the game also more random because you can shoot precisely while you sprinting (shooting precisely while bhopping is very hard… generally it becomes harder to hit targets the faster you move). HL2 sprint also allows you to “dance” with your enemy while having assaultrifle-aim-battles (a sprint should not be used for continius dodging in direct confrontations).
Another reason why I would prefer bhop over sprint is that you need an extra button on your keyboard to use sprint. I always use weapon-bindings and HL has lots of weapons… So I would not like to have 1 button for walk, 1 button for crouch and 1 button for sprint… I need my buttons for Weapon-bindings, Teamchat-bindings and others (drop weapon, use-key, flashlight etc.)… btw you can also remove all your movement-speed and stop aprubtly when holding use key (it’s like super-slow walking - It’s also something really useful).

If you add sprint, you should do it CoD-Marathon-style (You can only sprint forward and while you sprint you can’t shoot. Also you have unlimited sprint). But since sprint is a CoD feature it should not be in a Half-Life 1 remake.

I understand that bhop doesn’t fit into games like CS:GO or Day of Defeat, but in “Arena”-style games like Half-Life it works really well. People can move through the map faster and can be more creative about their movement. You can move super smooth when combining Bhops with Gauss-, Longjumps and others (in HL1 you can also do jumps with satchels, handgrenades or MP5 grenades). When I play Half-Life 1 online these days… Most servers have Mods to allow bhopping. For me bhop is a key-feature that should be added as soon as it’s possible… For a lot of HL1DM players, your programming invenstments will be worth it for sure.


We’re not debating the merits of bunny hopping. I stated that quite clearly. That’s not the issue here.

We haven’t “removed” bunny hopping either. This is something Valve did at an engine level. You are asking us to “re-add” it. That is a key difference. It’s not something we are willing to invest time in right now, especially as it’s potentially a large rabbit hole. Sorry.

The game does not have a sprint in MP. We are leaving it like HL1, in that department.


There is a russian HL1 speedrunner “YaLTeR” he made the code himself for the same issue >mp_bhopcap 1/0< and valve just need to get it in the .dll.So im sure someone like him will do it for free just for the love of the game. (:


Sorry to interrupt, but I believe you don’t seem to be getting the issue here.

The speedrunner did not write the code that makes bunnyhopping exist. He wrote a toggle to “remove the bunnyhop cap”. That means that there was a bunnyhop cap, which indicates that bunnyhopping existed in the first place, rather than the bunnyhop glitch just not existing at all (which seems to be the case here).

What you’re basically saying is; “Why don’t you add 20 weapons to the game? See, these other games have those weapons, so just add a command to add these weapons”. It doesn’t work that way. If something is not in the game, you have to add it by modeling, coding, playtesting, etc. - not just “writing a command”. Otherwise, I could just “write a command” and bam, I have Call of Duty 2834!

As TextFAMGUY1 has repeatedly told you, it can’t be done with just a command.


Ah okay then well i am done here i just wanted to say that bunny hopping is very important and MP should be arena style like the real half-life 1 or its mod Half-Life 1:Adrenaline Gamer.


IS Crossfire returning?


Dude… Half-Life 1 had a lot of other really great Maps aswell. Crossfire is great but overhyped… And yes, ofc there will be crossfire.


Yesterday I noticed that Fortress Forever got released on Steam. It’s movement is really nice. Really close to HL1. Bunnyhopping works super nice and easy (auto-bhop works by default). Also… Their mod is open source. So again… My suggestion is to add optional bhop. You can check fortress forever source code for reference.
They also have adjustable fov and crosshair customization in their mod. These things would also be pretty nice for BMDM.


AS for Bunny Hopping, we stand next to the fact that it’s very likely to have been phased out via the engine, not by us. We’d have to physically program it back in, which will take a lot of time, and time away from other parts of development. We can look into, but we can’t really promise anything at the moment.


I see. Well I can’t do more than make suggestions, give tips and hope you figure out the best for this mod. If bhop won’t be in BMDM as an optional feature, it would be sad.
Same if there was no wallgauss in BMDM. Wallgauss was in Valve HL1DM and it was a very game deciding feature. So I hope you will have that as a priority aswell. :slight_smile:


Just to offer a counter-point, I’d much rather not see bunnyhopping. I find it ludicrous and immersion-breaking in an otherwise fairly realistic world (albeit with extreme sci-fi elements). I can understand the appeal of having extra movement-based skills to learn and master and use to get an edge, but I think it’s much better when such things are an intended part of the game design, and at least vaguely supported by the fictional context (special movements abilities from magic/tech/acrobatic training) and not exploiting a weird physics bug that makes no real world sense. I wouldn’t cry about it if it was added, but I’d most likely simply not play.

Side note: Does anyone here ever play laser tag or paintball or something similar? Try and imagine someone bunnyhopping around during that activity. :smiley:


Hey guys, I am a HL2DM veteran with more than 2000 hours of DM and I can not wait to paly this mod/game. Any news about the release of the MP?

Thanks in advance!


“When it’s done.”


Multiplayer never was about immersion… That’s why you have singleplayer mode… also paintball is not comparable to HLDM at all. The competetive scene is playing with bhop ever since it was and HL: Adrenaline Gamer Mod (for HL1 and HL2 aswell) added bhop back in after valve put speedcap into vanilla HLDM. They put it in as an “intended part of the game design”… Just to quote you. Many players love it. Especiually the competetive scene. If you don’t like it, disable it on your server. There has to be a way to make it a server command. Counter-Strike: Source and CS:GO have sv_bhop aswell. Even if you don’t like it, it is an important feature for many people of the HL1DM community. Trust me I know a many really active players from the scene and nobody dislikes bhop… I never want to play HLDM without bhop because it’s just slow and boring. Basicly there are only few bhop-MP shooters I know off… Games like Quakeworld, Quake 3 CPMA, Reflex and Painkiller… But these games have completely different weaponsets, no longjump-module, no wallbanging, overpowered powerups and armors… In my opinion HLDM is just the best balanced, competetive and most fun shooter, because it mixes up realism, sci-fi and crazy unrealistic movement. Half-Life’s bhop, aircontrol and weapon-/itemset fits together perfectly and is just the best of all these shooters. With that kind of overall design you can control your moves like in no other game. Same for the weaponhandling… You can switch your weapons quickly by using hotkeys all weapons are easy to use but still have a somewhat realistic touch to them. I really like that. For me these things make the game special and a unique experience to play. That’s why I still play HLDM up to this day. If it was slow like Halo or CS I would have quit a HL long time ago. (There are newer and way better looking games out there that have a way bigger community)


Next person to talk about bunny hopping gets a 1 week free vacation from these forums, courtesy of me. I have explained all there is for us to say on the subject. There will most likely not be any bunnyhopping unless we have the time and resources to look into it, which we probably won’t. Enough.