Multiplayer Discussion Thread - Screenshots and Discussion


Text, I really admire your patience and courtesy over what seem to be pretty obnoxious and dull re-occuring questions because either a) people don’t read shit b) people do read your answers but ignore them c) troll on purpose. I guess that’s why you’re the perfect fit for community manager.

I also don’t understand why people want something back in MP that exists already in the original. If you want bhop, why don’t you go and play HLDM instead of BM DM ? I mean, you get something new with some different gameplay tweaks in comparison to the original, like the singleplayer from BM already differed vastly from Half-Life while still maintaining it’s balance and old-school shooting mechanics. And now it’s a big deal that bhop might not make it in? Really ? Myself, I’m way more interested in the new gameplay modes. Don’t get me wrong, I love TDM and DM and I’m fully aware that the first shipping with the retail will only have these two modes, but I think it has been overplayed. I want something fresh and new for a change. Suffice to say, can’t wait until Xen and BM DM surface insert stupid “will BM be out on steam before annoucnement of HL3 ?” joke here


Which MP Modes do you think could work well with BMDM? Is there any that you think might be good that you don’t see that often?


Uhh, that’s a tough one, basically because I’m by no means a multiplayer person or “expert”.

Another issue is if these modes are actually doable and even if they are, do they work as predicted ? Are they fun, are they fair ? Do they maintain the fun or get quickly boring ?

I think Steam Workshop implementation will be a great addition and help in getting new, fun gameplay modes.

For Ideas refer to the first pages of the thread ^^


Our entities should give players flexibility to prototype cool gamemods on their own, too, which is nice. I’m certain the community will come up with some super cool and unique ideas just using Hammer alone, it’s more than possible. In fact, that’s basically how we’re designing ideas at the moment. There will be cool stuff down the road - our core mechanics and the universe itself are just begging for loads of weird and creative stuff!


WOW! I just saw the pics of the MP maps and… they are incredible. I followed this project before, but I though it was dead. It seems, that I was wrong and that there is really big progress. So count me definitely in for the MP! You guys made my day! Thank you for the good work.



Great model! Thank you for the teaser!


Hey TextFAMGUY1… Why do you have this Counter-Strike-style crosshair on your screenshot? Does it show off that you have crosshair-customization implemented or is this the new default crosshair of the BM 9mmAR? I read somewhere that you added recoil to the 9mmAR? Has it to do with that? Because in CS your crosshair adjusts dynamicly according on how precise your gun actually is… And I have to add that I think I won’t like higher recoil on the 9mmAR. I think it was perfect in HL. But maybe it’s a nice idea to have a bit higher recoil if this helps balancing the egon… but in the end I doubt it.
There is also some feedback I have on the Damage-Indicators… I think they are too big and not transparent enaugh. Please change them :slight_smile:


Think about the wild jumps in logic in your post. We somehow went from a fun screenshot showing a silly face to “I don’t like the higher recoil on the Glock”. None of your assumptions are correct, either. Not a single one.

This thing works a whole lot better for everyone if we slow it down and think before we post. I’m glad people are passionate and thinking about MP, I am - but there’s a right way to going about it. Most of your posts thus far in this thread have felt more like an attack than anything else, right now.

Ask questions and discuss ideas, by all means. That’s great, we love that, we’ve loved that in this thread so far. But thus far, most of what we’ve seen here from the “competitive” players is people coming in and barking at us about how to do our job and ignoring what we’re saying, when they haven’t even seen the game yet. That’s not productive or helpful. We want to work with you guys. So please, keep participating. We want to hear more from you lot and keep interacting. Not fighting!


Unless it’s in the Gasworks parkinglot. Then fight away there.


Dude… I don’t want to fight you guys. I am just interessted in how you think you can balance this game.
Second: I just asked questions/made suggestions about the HUD you actually have. Please don’t get upset…
No need to react this angry and threaten me with ban. Also… I get it. I know you DON’T WANT bhop in your mod.
You think it’s a bug and not reasonable to have it. I think it’s one of the most important things that you should definately add when you can.
Opinions are different. In the end we have to see how it will play. I don’t know yet. You have to tell me.
“Counter-Strike-style” should not mean anything negative. I like the CS-crosshair. I just wondered why it looks how it looks.


Guys, are there beta-testing games. I would like to help too.


Our beta testing group is closed, I’m afraid - you’ll have to wait for the game to come out.


Excuse me, has anyone made a record of the recent mp stream? Missed it :s leeping:


We have one, we’re working on getting it up for everyone in the near future at some point.


Oh man. I was expecting BM Retail to look pretty similar to the mod, but based on the MP stream, you guys have really gone above and beyond to make things even better. I’m so much more pumped than I was before now. :smiley:

Out of curiosity, among all the questions you got during the stream, how many people asked when the mod’s coming out? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I didn’t know there had been a stream so I was naturally disappointed that I missed it. Looking forward to seeing what you all have done with it.


I bit disappointed that the stream wasn’t announced ahead of time. I completely missed it :confused:


It was a spur of the moment thing. There will be more streams in the future and they will be more properly announced.


Hey, I have some questions that make me curious. Most of the features I ask about are small and maybe not impotant, but they could make the game a lot more better if they are added.

  1. Are you planning to add an announcer to the multiplayer? It could say lines like “You are in the lead”, “You are no longer in the lead”, “Headshot”, “Your team has lost” etc.

  2. Are you planning to have different viewmodel hands for each player model? (Like, if you are a scientist, you have scientist hands instead of default HEV hands)

  3. Will you be able to color your playermodel like in the original hl1? :smiley:

  4. Will there be customizable HUD a-la CS:GO? Like color and transparency of the background.

  5. Will you be able to change your fov?

  6. Will you be able to change the position of your viewmodel, similar to cs go? With commands like viewmodel_offset x y z

  7. Will you be able to change your crosshair? (Also like in CS:GO :smiley: )

I’m sorry if there are too many questions. Thanks for taking your time to read anyway.